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Peter Cohen loves video games, anime and almost anything Apple. When he's not compulsively watching TV or movies, he's a freelance technology journalist and managing editor at iMore.

VNC Enterprise Edition adds cross-platform remote printing

VNC Enterprise Edition adds support for cross-platform remote printing and cross-platform chat.

Free Missing Sync software released for Pre

Mark/Space has released a free beta version of The Missing Sync software for the Palm Pre.

Safari 4 downloaded more than 11 million times in three days

Safari 4 has been downloaded more than 11 million times in three days, reports Apple.

Chillingo releases Defender Chronicles for iPhone, iPod touch

Defender Chronicles is a side-view take on the tower defense genre.

‘Mobile Application Showcase’ planned for Macworld Expo 2010

Macworld Expo 2010's coordinators have announced a "Mobile Application Showcase" for iPhone developers to flex their muscles.

Id Software unveils ‘secret’ iPhone game: Doom Resurrection

Id Software has unveiled its secret iPhone and iPod touch game: Doom Resurrection, a new 3D shooter designed exclusively for iPhone that uses Doom 3 assets.

GamersGate makes play for Mac gamers

GamersGate is offering a Mac store to provide Mac gamers with a way of purchasing games online instead of having to go to the store.

MailForge e-mail client released, Eudora successor

MailForge is a new e-mail app that should appease long-time Eudora users, according to its developer.

Eye-Fi introduces 4GB wireless SD card with raw image support

Eye-Fi has introduced a new Pro card that supports raw digital camera image files.

1Password adds support for Safari 4

1Password, the password management software for Mac OS X, has been updated to support Safari 4.

EVGA brings Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 graphics to Mac Pro

EVGA has announced the release of its GeForce GTX 285 graphics card for the Mac Pro.

Sorenson 360 adds direct-to-iPhone video publishing

Sorenson Media's online video encoding service Sorenson 360 now supports direct-to-iPhone video publishing.

Feral to release The Movies: Superstar Edition on June 30

The Movies: Superstar Edition is a new version of the movie sim game with added content.

The case of the missing ExpressCard slot

The changes to Apple’s laptop line means the elimination of the ExpressCard/34 expansion slot, at least on the 15-inch models. And Peter Cohen thinks that will leave some mobile Mac users in the lurch.

Ngmoco releases Star Defense game for iPhone and iPod touch

Star Defense is a new twist on the Tower Defense genre, fresh for the iPhone and iPod touch.