Premiere Elements 10 sports powerful features with a beginner interface

If you really want a powerful editor that gives you room to grow—without paying too high a cost in either dollars or complexity—Premiere Elements really shows its colors.

Review: Motion 5

Even before considering its new impulse-buy pricing, Motion 5 is a worthy investment for anyone looking to add a little extra visual power to their creative arsenal.

Record 1.5

Record 1.5 shows Propellerhead is committed to its new mixing and arrangement workstation. It’s also pretty easy to recommend in a bundle with Record 5, which includes fantastic new sampling features and a drum designer. On its own, it’s a tougher sell.

Reason 5.0

Reason 5 is a must-have upgrade for anyone who uses audio inputs or samples, or wants to program beats. For those who haven’t used Reason for a while, Kong is worth a second look.

Finale 2011

Finale 2011's myriad tools and toolbars may be daunting, but it remains a tool capable of satisfying an extraordinary range of musical needs, and its recent enhancements to score output are pitch-perfect.

Djay Remote for iPhone

Djay Remote is an excellent model of what Mac music developers could do to add mobile companions to their desktop apps.

Djay 3.1.1

Algoriddim djay 3.1.1 manages to cover not only professional DJs, but casual users, as well. For beginners, new features make faking a terrific DJ set easier. But this version offers some serious features, too.

Reason 4.0

Changes in Propellerhead's Reason 4.0 are subtle. There's a new synthesizer, arpeggiator, “groove” editing, and other improvements.

Record 1.0

If you're looking for software that’s focused on recording and processing audio, Record should be on the top of your list to consider.

Logic Studio

Apple’s new version of Logic Studio introduces some significant headline features. There's an entirely new audio manipulation engine, allowing recorded sound to be reshaped in time. New models of amps and effect pedalboards emulate traditional guitar gear and open up new performance possibilities.

Djay 2.3.1

Djay is a fun and friendly way to create music mixes and explore the art of DJing.

Review: Peak Pro 6

The latest version of Peak Pro features a variety of editing and playlist tweaks, new podcasting features, and still more bundled utilities and effects. These additions may please loyal users, but Peak Pro’s core editor hasn’t entirely kept pace with increased competition and evolving workflows.

Logic Studio

Logic Studio is now even more effective at providing an extensive tool kit and then getting out of your creative way. There are still some dated MIDI editing tools, and MainStage’s lack of integration with Logic or ReWire restricts its use to some users. But ultimately, having more isn’t nearly as important as being more playable, and that’s what Logic 8 does most successfully.

Motion 3.0.1

Motion, with its elegant, real-time interface design, has always been promising. By adding some new dimensions to the visuals Motion can produce, Apple has vastly expanded the value of its motion-graphics tool. It’s a complement to Final Cut Pro for video processing.

Soundtrack Pro 2.0.1

Soundtrack Pro 2’s integration with Final Cut Studio makes sense because most users perceive it as an extension of Final Cut workflows rather than as a stand-alone audio editor. This upgrade adds essential editing and file import and export capabilities, as well as features that are invaluable to video work.