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Google seeks surfers' help to label images

Google wants to put idle surfers to work labelling the images indexed by its search engine.

Intel requests ATI papers in AMD antitrust case

Intel has asked a Delaware court for permission to subpoena documents from ATI Technologies for its defense in an antitrust suit brought by AMD.

Record companies sue LimeWire for breach of copyright

Thirteen record companies have sued P-to-P file-sharing system operator Lime Wire for copyright infringement, demanding damages that could total $476 million.

French copyright law takes effect, to industry dismay

Software publishers and Socialist Party members are among the groups unhappy with the new French copyright law that took effect Friday.

Palm sees trouble ahead for Palm OS

Palm warned that its future product plans could be affected by delays in the development of a new version of the Palm OS software.

Microsoft files more papers to avoid further EU fines

Microsoft has provided the EU with more details of its workgroup server products in an effort to avoid increased fines resulting from a 2004 antitrust ruling.

AMD will buy graphics vendor ATI for $5.4B

AMD has offered to buy Canadian graphics chip vendor ATI for around $5.4 billion in cash and stock.

Microsoft fined €280.5 million by EU

The European Commission has fined Microsoft €280.5 million (US$357 million) for failing to comply with the 2004 antitrust judgement against it.

French law affects copyright, DRM, Apple

French lawmakers approved a new copyright law on Friday in a move that could affect the iTunes Music Store, open-source programmers and peer-to-peer file sharers.

French copyright bill compromises on iTunes

A compromise draft of a new French copyright law affords Apple's iTunes Music Store a greater measure of protection, provided Apple can reach agreements with the music's copyright holders.

Phishing scam uses PayPal secure servers

A cross-site scripting flaw in PayPal's Web site allows a new phishing attack to masquerade as a genuine PayPal log-in page with a valid security certificate.

Amended French copyright bill gives Apple a break

The French Senate has approved a new copyright bill, but softened a requirement for digital music vendors such as Apple to open up their DRM technologies.

French copyright bill changes may favor Apple

Apple may not have to divulge details of the DRM system used in its iPod if French senators vote amendments to a copyright bill starting Thursday.

French bill could chill open source

A bill before the French Senate could have a chilling effect on the development and distribution of open-source software.

Europe's domain registry being hijacked, GoDaddy says

A domain name registrar has accused the .eu registry of ineptness, saying it allowed others to cheat by setting up bogus registrars to work on their behalf.