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Apple fans flock to buy iPhone 3G S

With the usual fanfare attendant with an Apple product launch, the company released the iPhone 3G S.

Google agrees to delete unblurred German Street View data

Google has agreed to delete some of the original, unblurred photographs captured by its German Street View service.

The iPhone 3G S: €149 in France, free in the UK

UK operator O2 will give a free 32GB iPhone 3G S to anyone willing to sign a 2-year service contract costing $120 a month.

Apple snapping up chip designers

A year after buying low-power-processor designer PA Semi, Apple is looking for yet more chip design expertise.

Google offers top tip to help beat bots

Google has put a new spin on the 'CAPTCHA' used to control access to Web sites: ask visitors to identify the tops of a series of randomly rotated images

Google plans fifth birthday present for Gmail users

The company’s Web-based e-mail service, still in beta testing five years after its launch, is due for an upgrade

After Gmail, Google wants to search your voice mail too

Google has begun testing a service that will make transcripts of voice mail messages and make them searchable.

Google will let people choose how its ads target them

Google plans to target online advertisements based on the sites people visit, not just the searches they make or the site on which the ad appears.

Acer sees the future of smartphones as free

Acer thinks free is the right price for smartphones, and plans to release two models that operators can give away in September or October.

Google offers tool to let you track your friends’ movements

Google is now tracking where users of its maps service are—and making that location data searchable by others.

Paris appeals court confirms no iPhone exclusive for Orange

Apple may not give mobile phone operator Orange exclusive rights to distribute the iPhone in France, the Paris Court of...

Semiconductor sales dropped more sharply in November

The decline in semiconductor sales accelerated in November, an industry body reported Friday.

IE lost share to Firefox, Safari and Chrome in December

Web surfers deserted Internet Explorer in favor of Safari, Firefox and Chrome in December, according to Net Applications.

Layoffs cost AMD $70 million

Laying off staff to cut its costs will cost AMD $70 million, more than it had previously expected, it said Monday

Nokia Q3 earnings drops 28 percent, revenue drops 5 percent

Nokia reported third-quarter earnings down 28 percent on a year earlier, and revenue down 5 percent.