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Orange to offer unlocked iPhone for €649 in France

Orange will sell unlocked iPhones for €999, but the price falls to €399 with an airtime contract.

French gov't plans to disconnect content pirates

The French government plans to extend measures to deal with digital piracy, cutting off the Internet connections of those suspected of illegal filesharing.

EU begins antitrust investigation into Qualcomm

The European Commission has opened an antitrust investigation into Qualcomm’s business practices selling 3G mobile phone chipsets.

Parallels maker sees future in multiplatform management

SWsoft expects to release a beta version of Parallels Server virtualization within six weeks, and is also working on new management tools for the data center.

Apple, Danish board disagree on iBook flaw

Apple does not acknowledge that a manufacturing defect caused power failures in an iBook G4 laptop sold in Denmark, but it refunded the customer's money, said the country's Consumer Complaints Board.

iPhone in the UK: Apple faces stiff competition

The iPhone will be competing against lower-priced handsets and more entrenched brands when it arrives in the U.K. on November 9.

ISO votes to reject Microsoft's OOXML as standard

Standards body tells Microsoft to rework Office Open XML document format and try again next year.

OOXML vote at ISO: France says non, Australia abstains

France has voted against making Microsoft's OOXML document format an international standard, while Australia has abstained from the vote at standards body ISO.

Skype offers more details of 'perfect storm' outage

Skype has offered further details of the 'perfect storm' which prevented millions from accessing its Internet telephony service last week.

Skype problems may continue throughout the day

Skype said that a problem with its VOIP service affecting millions of its customers is likely to continue throughout the day.

Intel accused of breaching European antitrust rules

The European Commission has accused Intel of abusing its dominant market position in the microprocessor market to exclude rival AMD.

Apple opens largest European store-in-store in Paris

Apple opened its largest Apple Shop store-in-store in Europe to date on Thursday, inside the FNAC Digital consumer electronics store in central Paris.

Google localizes YouTube for Europe

Google launched versions of its video sharing service YouTube in French and other languages on Tuesday. Localized versions now exist for Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.

IBM and settle all patent litigation

Amazon has paid IBM to settle patent lawsuits between the two companies. The two also agreed a long-term cross-licensing agreement.

Danish consumer agency finds iBook design flaw

Denmark's Consumer Complaints Board has ordered Apple to refund buyers of faulty iBook G4 computers after finding evidence of a hidden manufacturing defect.