Italian consumer associations launch Apple guarantee lawsuit

Two Italian consumer associations are launching a class action lawsuit against Apple that claims the company doesn't follow Italy's national warranty regulations.

Italian court upholds Apple fine for unnecessary warranties

A Rome court has upheld a $1.2 million fine imposed on Apple last December by Italy's Antitrust Authority for circumventing consumer protection laws.

Milan judge: The Internet is not a lawless prairie

An Italian judge explained in a court document why he found three Google executives guilty of violating privacy laws there.

Three Google execs convicted over Italian bullying video

Three Google executives were handed suspended six month prison sentences by a Milan court on Wednesday for privacy law violations relating to a video posted on Google Video.

Report: Google accused of violating Italian law

An Italian prosecutor accused Google of violating Italian and European regulations in the way it handles Gmail, an Italian newspaper reports.

Report: Apple plans nonexclusive iPhone deal in Italy

Telecom Italia has signed a nonexclusive deal to distribute Apple's iPhone in Italy -- and the phone will be a newer model, compatible with 3G (third generation) networks, according to a report Monday in the Rome daily newspaper La Repubblica.