Comcast releases Xfinity TV app for iOS

Back in the spring, Comcast teased its subscribers with an iOS app that would turn the iPhone and iPad into a remote and much more. The Xfinity TV app has arrived and it lets you search for content, change channels, and even program your DVR.

MacBundles announces bundle deal for November

The MacBundles is providing a package of 12 apps for just $50. Some of these apps may be more appealing than others, so the site also lets you Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB), ordering apps a la carte for $5 (if you pick 10 altogether) or $6 (if you pick 5).

Etre to offer Touchy gloves for touchscreens

Etre Touchy gloves have the thumb and index fingers cut out, leaving those digits free to tap, slide, and swipe over your iOS device's touchscreen.

National Archives launches

The National Archives has a new site for exploring its rich holdings. brings to life thousands of primary source documents like maps, photographs, letters, charts, audio, and video.

Napster releases iOS app

On Monday Napster launched an iPhone app that streams 10 million tracks from its catalog.

Apple 27-inch LED Cinema Display now on sale

Apple’s new 27-inch LED Cinema Display finally has a shipping date. Unveiled in July, the monitor sports some of the goodies you’d expect if you’re familiar with the 27-inch iMac: a 2560 by 1440 resolution, a 178 degree viewing angle, and a built-in iSight camera.

Jumsoft offers free new Keynote themes

Jumsoft has updated its selection of free themes for Keynote. The latest batch includes ten lively designs that are part of its Goodies bundle.

PadTab hangs your iPad on the wall

If you’re looking for another way to prominently hang your iPad on the wall, the newly announced PadTab might be worth a look. It works on any flat surface, and lets you easily mount and remove your iPad.

New Boxee beta expands movie library

Boxee Beta 0.9.22 now includes a movie library with loads of indie flicks, an indicator that alerts you when you’re offline, support for Google Buzz, and hardware accelerated video-decoding for Snow Leopard.

PaperFinance app offers new features

IdealSky Software has announced that the latest version of PaperFinance offers a budget manager, an improved user interface, support for iOS 4, and eye candy like pie charts.

Arq joins the ranks of Mac-friendly online backup services

Haystack Software has released Arq, a backup application that uses Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). Arq offers encrypted backups, flexible scheduling, and the ability to select and exclude files as you see fit.

Rdio music service throws open its doors

Rdio has emerged from its private beta and is now open to everyone in the U.S. and Canada. The Web-based service also has an iPhone app allowing you to stream music from a library of seven million tracks.

Apple: White iPhone 4 unavailable until late July

Aple has issued a press release saying that the white model of the new iPhone 4 has "proven more challenging to manufacture than expected." It won't become available until the second half of July.

WritePad 4 released for iPad

PhatWare has released WritePad 4 for iPad. The handwriting recognition app now includes a better input method, improved handwriting recognition, and support for an external keyboard and mouse.

Read It Later app now available for iPad

Read It Later, an app that saves article links for future perusal, has been released for the iPad. Previously available on the iPhone, version 2.1 of the app is now universal. It offers a new feature called Digest, which groups saved articles into categories and presents them in an appealing visual layout.