AT&T allows SlingMedia to stream over 3G

AT&T has announced that it will now support SlingPlayer Mobile over its 3G wireless network, freeing Sling’s fans from their reliance on Wi-Fi to watch video.

This American Life launches iPhone app

Public radio’s ever-popular This American Life has announced a dedicated iPhone app. The app offers access to the show’s archive, lets users share favorites, and provides a few other extras.

Magnetism Studios announces iPad bags

Magnetism Studios has announced a pair of sleeves for the iPad, a Sling and an Envelope, both made out of natural materials like suede, corduroy, and cotton.

Zagat To Go 3 app offers augmented reality and offline sync

Zagat has released Zagat To Go 3.0, the latest version of its iPhone app. Zagat now includes augmented reality and offline sync, allowing access Zagat content without Wi-Fi or mobile reception.

Report: Google commands more than half of iPhone’s Web traffic

A new report from Chitika Research shows that Google search accounts for more than 50 percent of all Internet traffic on Apple’s mobile device. That means it outstrips all other traffic, including other search sites and all visits to Websites in the phone’s browser.

PDF2Office Professional 5 now available, supports Excel

Recosoft has announced the release of the latest edition of PDF2Office Professional. Version 5.0, which offers Snow Leopard support, converts PDFs to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets along with other Office formats.

27-inch iMac faces new shipping delays

Apple's online store now indicates a three-week wait for new orders of the machine. The 21-inch iMac currently faces no delay at Apple’s store or anywhere else.

Acclivity updates AccountEdge accounting software

Acclivity has introduced a new annual edition of their small business accounting software. AccountEdge 2010 now includes more detailed tracking of store items, analysis of sales profits, bank deposit slip printing, and integration with EnStore.

Virtual Time Clock '10 lets businesses track employee time

Virtual Time Clock '10 can be used to manage employee time and attendance. The software comes in three flavors to accommodate businesses of various sizes: Basic, Pro, and Network.

Sesamouse adds more multitouch gestures to Magic Mouse

Calf Trail Software has released Sesamouse, a utility that offers more multitouch gestures for Apple's Magic Mouse, such as pinch magnification, rotation, and up and down swiping.

Say It & Mail It updates improve map features

The latest version of Say It & Mail It improves the way the mobile app handles map screenshots; it also allows you to shake your mobile device to start recording a new voice message.

Yelp 4.0 update lets others know your business

Yelp has introduced version 4.0 of its iPhone app, adding a "check-in" feature which tells your Yelp friends that you're visiting a particular business.

Elgato announces EyeTV One tuner

Elgato has announced another television tuner for the Mac. The EyeTV One is specifically designed to work with antennas to deliver free, over-the-air HD broadcasts to a computer.

Kensington announces eight new peripherals

Kensington Computer Products Group has announced eight new peripherals in its lineup: a car charger, two auxiliary audio cables, four different car mounts, and an anti-glare screen.

Sling Media announces new devices

Sling Media has announced a batch of new gadgets at CES 2010, all of which aim to enhance the experience of place-shifting video. The foursome includes an updated Slingbox to send video anywhere, a receiver that moves video to another location within your house, a flat screen display, and a slick remote control.