Daylite 3.1

Daylite 3.1.1 has better project-planning and -tracking tools than a typical PIM and includes the kinds of information workers in small offices need to track and share.

Opinion: Straight talk on Mac security risks

Are Macs impervious to malicious software? No. Have Macs been the subject of catastrophic attacks? No again. Should Mac users be vigilant anyway? Of course.

iList Data 3.2

This easily customizable database app helps you get started quickly, even if you’re a novice. But the limitations of iList Data’s interface hinder productivity.

iSweet FireWire Web Camera

iSweet FireWire Web camera is slightly less pricey than the Apple’s FireWire iSight, and is designed specifically for use with laptops. It’s also slightly smaller and lighter, and works just as transparently with apps like iChat AV. Unfortunately, the iSweet’s video images don’t look as good.