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Protect your privacy: take control of social networking

Maintaining privacy on social networks is much like hanging all your dirty laundry on a highway billboard—and then asking only your friends to look. While it's possible to avoid sharing your life's story with the entire world, it takes a lot of effort and is often contrary to the goals of the services you use. Remember, these services are free because they’re selling access to you.

Protect your privacy: keep your data safe

In the old days, you probably kept all of your private data on your Mac. Today, your information is most likely stored across multiple Macs, iOS devices, and cloud-based storage services. Fortunately, there are tools that can keep your data safe, no matter where it lies.

Protect your privacy: browse the Web safely

When you browse the Web, it’s like you’ve allowed a bunch of companies to implant a tracking device in your arm and a small camera in your head, recording where you go and what you look at. Thanks to ad networks, search engines, ISPs, and social networks, your online activities are tracked, analyzed, and sold.

Adobe Acrobat X: Do you feel safe yet?

Despite Acrobat's vulnerabilities, and its exploitation on Windows, the risk to Mac users today is immeasurably low. We just aren't seeing the attacks, says security expert Rich Mogull.

Living with Windows: security

When you use a Mac, you don't have to worry too much about malware. But when you put a Mac on a network with Windows PCs (or when you run Windows on a Mac), you have to give security some thought. Rich Mogull tells you what you do and don't have to worry about.

Aaxa P2

This powerful pico projector delivers very bright images and crisp text, but lackluster color and limited battery life lower its ranking.

Optoma PK102

The tiny Optoma PK102 pico projector delivers vivid color images and handles stand-alone presentations via its built-in media player.

WowWee Cinemin Swivel

Designed primarily as an Apple accessory, the Cinemin Swivel pico projector displays colorful iPod and iPhone images right out of the box.

Favi PJM-1000

The basic, low-cost PJM-1000 pico projector provides limited features and delivers mediocre image quality.

Ray Displays Ray

The $229 Ray, a liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) pico projector from Ray Designs features 10 lumens of brightness, and a 20,000-hour LED.

Mac security: what you can ignore

While there are indeed some real Mac security threats, there are also some well-publicized threats that Mac users can ignore. Here's what they are and why you don't need to worry about them.

Mac security: mobile threats

Portable technology is inherently risky: If there's a chance you'll lose your laptop or iPhone, there's a chance a bad guy will pick it up and take advantage of you.

Mac security: user error

One of the biggest security risks to your Mac is you--using poor passwords, downloading risky files, and other lapses in judgment. Here are the most common user errors and how to correct them.

Mac security: scams and fraud

Mac users face a few of the same security threats as their Windows and Linux counterparts: online scams, retail and auction fraud, and identity-theft.

Samsung P410M

Projector's low brightness is best suited for small groups.