Microtek ships ArtixScan M1

Microtek is now shipping the ArtixScan M1 and M1 Pro scanners, which are designed primarily to scan film.

HP Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer

It’s rare that a product—even a very good one—balances function, innovation, and performance, but that’s what Hewlett-Packard has done with the Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer.

Velvia Photoshop plug-in updated for CS3

Fred Miranda has posted a Photoshop CS3-compatible version of his Velvia Vision plug-in, designed to mimic the characteristics of Fuji's classic slide film.

ImagePROGRAF iPF6100 pro printer

The imagePROGRAF6100 should put an end to talk that Canon can’t compete in the professional photo printer market. With a better ink formulation and an improved print head, this 12-ink printer produces excellent images on both glossy and fine-art media.

SlideShowPro Flash galleries in Lightroom

Dominey Design's SlideShowPro for Lightroom is a plug-in that lets you create highly customized Flash-based Web galleries quickly and easily.

Helvetica and Leopard

Want to use your own version of Helvetica with Leopard in place of the version that is included with OS X? Apple doesn't make it easy.

Alien Skin plug-ins updated for Leopard

Alien Skin Software has posted Leopard-compatible updates of its Photoshop plug-ins.

Helvetica, the movie, now on DVD

Helvetica, the movie, is finally out on DVD. Yes, it is a movie about a typeface, but it's so much more, and definitely worth your time.

Getting good underwater shots

Derrick Story offers tips for getting good underwater photos.

Lightroom 1.3 released for Leopard

Adobe has posted Lightroom 1.3, which adds full support for Leopard; Raw image support for a number of recent digital cameras from Nikon, Canon and others; and an Export SDK for plug-in developers.

Bruce Chizen's legacy

In the wake of Bruce Chizen's announcement that he's stepping down at Adobe, Rick LePage looks back at what Adobe accomplished during Chizen's seven years as CEO.

ImageWell 3.3 adds Leopard support

One of our favorite utilities, ImageWell, has been updated to support Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Find your Digital Rebel's inner Holga

Amaze your friends and confound your camera by adding a Holga lens to your Canon D-SLR.

ConeColor inks for Epson pro printers

Jon Cone has announced a set of inexpensive replacement inks for Epson's Stylus Pro printers.

SymmetryShop pattern tool updated

Plug-in developer Artlandia has released Version 2.0 of SymmetryShop, it's pattern and border tool for Adobe Photoshop users.