Photoshop Action Pack 3.5 released

Ben Long has posted an update to his Photoshop Action Pack, which is a set of Automator actions for building Photoshop workflows. Version 3.5 adds CS3 support, improved watermarking and Camera Raw support, bug fixes and more. (It also works with the CS and CS2 versions of Photoshop.)

Stylus Pro 3800: new benchmark for 17-inch printing

Epson's Stylus Pro 3800 is the new benchmark for photo pros looking to sell their work. Rick LePage tells you why.

Creative Notes odds and ends

Here are a few tips and notes for the end of the week: turning the colors of your photos to match old paintings; good Aperture and Lightroom resources; printer updates; and a wrap-up on the Art Directors' Master Class conference in San Jose.

Importing edited Raw files into Aperture or Lightroom

Importing Raw images into Aperture or Lightroom is a piece of cake, but what happens if you've edited them in Camera Raw and want to preserve your edits? Here's how to do it.

Call for writers on video and design topics

We’re looking for new writers to help us out here at Creative Notes,’s blog, which is part of our Creative Space topic area dedicated to creative professionals.

PMA: Photo accessories off the beaten path

At PMA, the coolest products aren't always found in the biggest booths. Here's a look at three companies - Lensbabies, AdverntureVest, and ExpImaging - with some interesting new accessories.

Tip for Lightroom's Remove Spots tool

If you're using Photoshop Lightroom's Remove Spots feature, here's a quick tip to help reduce some of the clutter that can appear on screen as you work to remove dust from an image.

Photoshop Lightroom 1.0

Adobe has recognized that, for many photographers, image management and workflow are critical tasks when working with large numbers of images. The company has responded with Photoshop Lightroom, which offers a strong workflow foundation for serious shooters. There are areas where this debut program can improve, but version 1.0 can help you gain control over your ever-expanding photo library.

First Look: What to expect with Lightroom 1.0

Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe's workflow management tool for photographs, ships in two weeks. Rick LePage runs down the latest changes to the public beta and previews what's coming in version 1.0 of Lightroom.

Printers, image editors fight it out at Macworld Expo

While Macworld Expo isn't a show expressly for creative professionals, Rick LePage was able to find some action on the show floor.

Intelligent design in a big printer

Looking at a sea of products to write about, Rick LePage finds elements of intelligent design in a big box.

Photoshop CS3 tips and tutorials

If you’re looking for some additional insight and tips into the Photshop CS3 beta, Rick LePage offers up some sites you might want to check out.

Photoshop CS3 performance tests

Rick LePage talks about the performance improvements in Photoshop CS3, and offers some observations about the beta release.