Profile: DriveSavers stays true to data-recovery roots

DriveSavers has 20-plus years of experience helping computer users recover lost data from failed hard drives. Rik Myslewski takes a tour of DriveSavers headquarters and profiles the company’s data-recovery methods and the role Macs play in the process.

Review: Ci75m Wireless Notebook Mouse

The Kensington Ci75m Wireless Notebook Mouse is a great traveling companion. Solid, comfortable, accurate, and attractive—it’s available in orange, grey, white, or black.

Analysis: Intel developer forum introduces your next Mac

Intel provided 170-plus hours of technical instruction last week at its developer forum. Rik Myslewski sorts through it and pulls out the relevant news for Mac users about how the nuts and bolts that hold together the entire world of computing will influence future Apple hardware.

Review: Ci73 Wired Mouse

With the exception of Apple’s now-defunct single-button mouse, input devices don’t get much simpler than the Kensington Ci73 Wired Mouse. It has two buttons and a scroll wheel. That’s it.

Review: VerticalMouse 3 Wireless

Even if you’re not experiencing pain from the unnatural forearm rotation required by traditional mice, the Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless will provide comfort and control you never anticipated. But it takes some getting used to.

Review: Ci70 Wireless Desktop Set

Focus on the Ci70 Wireless Desktop Set's fine feel and convenient function keys and you'll find it's a solid desktop companion for your laptop—and if style matters to you, you can get the Ci70 in black to match your high-end MacBook or titanium to match your MacBook Pro.

Review: SlimBlade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse

The Kensington SlimBlade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse is one odd little rodent. It tries to be two different animals—first, a compact traveler’s mouse, and second, a presentation controller—but it ends up doing the first poorly and the second only minimally.

What will be in Apple’s next laptops?

Intel’s new Centrino 2 platform may make its way into Apple’s next laptops—but don’t count on it. Rik Myslewski looks at the many options available to Apple for its upcoming hardware updates.

Reliving the clone wars

The emergence of a company selling an OS X-compatible PC has rekindled talk of the Mac clone era. Rik Myslewski looks back at a time when more than just Apple-made systems could run the Mac OS, and reminds us why we’re unlikely to see a repeat of that any time soon.

Analysis: What’s behind Apple’s P.A. Semi purchase

When news emerged this week that Apple paid $278 million for microprocessor design firm P.A. Semi, speculation swirled that its chips would soon appear in new mobile products from Cupertino. But in Rik Myslewski’s analysis, Apple may have bought the firm to add its engineering expertise.

Analysis: Despite Intel’s openness, Apple keeps us guessing

Intel keeps everyone well informed about its processor plans. Rik Myslewski looks at some recent chip announcements from Apple’s sole processor supplier and how they might affect the Mac market.

Mac Pro Eight-Core 2.8GHz

If you simply want the fastest Mac you’ve ever used, the base-model Mac Pro Eight-Core 2.8GHz won’t disappoint. If, however, you don’t need the maximum Mac, stick to an iMac—they’re plenty powerful for the rest of us.

Expo Daily Round-Up: iPod gadgets and other goodies

In his final report from the Expo show floor, Rik Myslewski uncovers some of the most interesting iPod add-ons on display at the week-long trade show as well as some of gadgets of interest.

Expo Daily Round-Up: Storage

Rik Myslewski's Expo show floor travels continue into the land of storage, where he spots everything from tiny pocket drives to multi-terabyte behemoths.

Expo Daily Round-Up: Cameras and printers

In his Wednesday report from Macworld Expo, Rik Myslewski strolls around the Moscone Center, focusing on eye-catching cameras and printers on display.