Speak It for iPhone and iPad

This app makes clever use of copy-and-paste and iOS 4's multitasking capabilities to give you a great mobile text-to-speech offering no matter what iOS device you're using.

Beat the Traffic HD for iPad

This app really covers all the bases when it comes to not only looking at current conditions, but what to expect throughout the day. By integrating user reports with publicly available statistics, Beat the Traffic HD gives you the most accurate picture of the road you can get without actually being stuck in traffic.

Magic Window for iPad

This app uses time-lapse photos to turn your iPad into a virtual picture frame with moving images and ambient noises. It's a clever app that would have been even more effective if the quality of some of the images was improved.

RBMA Radio for iPhone

This music app packs in a lot of information to help you discover and enjoy new artists. But it's packed into such a cramped space on your iPhone or iPod touch that it might mar the experience of listening to RBMA Radio.