Rob GriffithsSenior Contributor, Macworld

Former Macworld Senior Editor Rob Griffiths founded Mac OS X Hints. He's now master of ceremonies at Many Tricks Software.

Access old-style Dock contextual menus in Snow Leopard

Learn two ways -- one temporary, one permanent -- to use the 10.5-style contextual Dock menus in Snow Leopard.

Enable visual tab switcher in Firefox 3.6 beta

Learn how to enable a visual tab switcher, much like the OS X Command-Tab application switcher, in the Firefox 3.6 beta releases.

First Look: Chrome for Mac

The beta of Google's browser, Chrome for Mac, is out. Rob Griffiths takes a look at what's there, what's not there, and how it all works in this First Look.

Force Mail in 10.6 to only copy e-mail addresses

By default, when you use the contextual menu to copy an e-mail address in 10.6's Mail app, you get not only the address, but the user's name and angle brackets around the e-mail address. This hint explains how to force Mail to only copy the e-mail address.

Start a new Mail message from any application

Learn how to use an AppleScript to start a new Mail message from any application, in both OS X 10.5 and 10.6

PDFpen 4.5

PDFpen allows you to edit text in PDFs, insert images and make their backgrounds transparent, choose to print or not print notes and comments, highlight in multiple colors, and even do OCR on scanned PDFs.

Move BBEdit's documents drawer to the other side

Learn how to move the documents drawer in BBEdit from the right-hand side of the window to the left-hand side of the window.

Release a minimized window using the application switcher

Learn how to free a minimized window from the Dock using the Command-Tab application switcher in certain circumstances.

Enable momentum scrolling for Magic Mouse in 10.5

The new Magic Mouse includes a feature called 'momentum scrolling,' but only in OS X 10.6. However, using a simple Terminal command, you can add momentum scrolling to the Magic Mouse in 10.5.

Why go Pro when iMac goes faster?

The new Core i7 iMac is a potent machine -- so potent, in fact, that it outpaces a couple of Mac Pro models in benchmarks. It's also an incredible bargain, offering tremendous power given its price.

Mad Skills Motocross

Mad Skills Motocross is an addictive, fast-paced, and entertaining side-scrolling motocross racing game. 40 tracks spread across five levels provide tons of play time, and a track editor and time challenge mode make the fun last even longer.

Toggle sidebar visibility in all open Finder windows

Using an AppleScript, create a Service (in 10.6) that will let you toggle the visibility of the sidebar in all open Finder windows. This also works in 10.5, but it's not quite as useful there, as the script can't fully hide the sidebar.

Use Tab key in Snow Leopard keyboard shortcuts

Learn how to include the Tab key in user-created keyboard shortcuts in Snow Leopard -- something that wasn't possible in previous OS X releases.

Open minimized windows in current space in Snow Leopard

Learn a simple keyboard shortcut to release minimized windows into the active Space, instead of back into their original Space.

Enable global text replacements in Snow Leopard

In Snow Leopard, text replacement must be enabled on a program by program basis. Use this hint to enable text replacements globally, at least in all programs that support them.