Rob GriffithsSenior Contributor, Macworld

Former Macworld Senior Editor Rob Griffiths founded Mac OS X Hints. He's now master of ceremonies at Many Tricks Software.

Snow Leopard changes the rules about opening files

In Snow Leopard, you can no longer assume that double-clicking a document will open that document in its source application. Rob Griffiths discusses this change, and the implication for users, as well as a couple of workarounds and a suggested fix.

iTunes 9.0.1 update restores 'maximize' button behavior

Released Tuesday, Tunes 9.0.1 fixes a number of issues -- the most obvious of which is a quick reversal of decision on the functionality of the green "maximize" button which now functions as it did prior to iTunes 9.

Yet another way to move app windows to Spaces

Learn one additional method of moving app windows into Spaces.

See hidden files in Snow Leopard's Open and Save dialogs

Learn a simple way to show (and hide) hidden files and folders directly from Open and Save dialogs in Snow Leopard.

Six Snow Leopard tips

In this week’s video, Rob Griffiths delves into six Leopard tips that you may or may not be familiar with.

Keyboard navigation of Snow Leopard's Stacks

Learn how to use the keyboard to get around Stacks in Snow Leopard, including the new folder drill-down feature.

Collect windows in Spaces in Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard removed a 'collect windows' Spaces shortcut. Here's a new way to collect windows -- while it works, it's not as simple as the old method.

Camtasia for Mac

The newest entrant in the screen recording market introduces some new features, but also comes with a few bugs and limitations.

See more fields in Finder Spotlight search results

Learn how to enable the Size, Version, Comments, and Label fields when viewing Finder Spotlight search results. Once enabled, you can easily sort on any field.

How to use text substitution in Snow Leopard

Learn how to get text substitution working in many OS X applications, and how to create multi-line substitutions.

Use new Exposé features in Snow Leopard

Learn about how to use Quick Look with Exposé, and how to use Exposé with the Command-Tab application switcher

Reveal hidden menu bar icon functions in Snow Leopard

Get more power out of the AirPort, Battery, Sync, and Sound menu bar icons in Snow Leopard -- all with a simple key press.

How to create a Service in Snow Leopard

Want to learn how to create a simple Service in OS X 10.6? Rob Griffiths provides a step-by-step tutorial. The example service will extract text from PDF files, and save it in new text files. As a bonus, there's an included video version of the tutorial.

Control audio playback in Keynote presentations

Learn how to see an audio playback controller -- identical to the controller available with embedded movies -- in Keynote presentations.

Snow Leopard: What's gone where

Several applications and utilities have been moved or gone missing in Mac OS X 10.6. Rob Griffiths explains where everything is now.