Rob GriffithsSenior Contributor, Macworld

Former Macworld Senior Editor Rob Griffiths founded Mac OS X Hints. He's now master of ceremonies at Many Tricks Software.

Create smart burn folders

Combine two useful OS X features -- smart folders and burn folders -- to create smart burn folders that are always ready to burn.

Snow Leopard's old and new annoyances

Rob Griffiths looks at how well Snow Leopard addresses his list of OS X gripes—and finds a couple of new ones.

Services step out in Snow Leopard

Services have been in OS X since the earliest days, but not many users take advantage of their power. That all changes with Snow Leopard, which rethinks Services. The result is a greatly-improved feature that everyone can use.

See all of the Weather widget's weather modes

Learn how to see all of the various graphics included with the OS X Dashboard Weather widget.

See really large results in Calculator

Want to see super huge results of your calculations in Calculator? Here's how...

Paste tables as graphics in iWork

Sometimes, you want to copy and paste tables as graphics--rather than live, editable tables--from Numbers into Pages. Here's how.

Customize Safari's RSS interface

Tired of the way Safari presents RSS feeds? You can customize it by creating your own CSS style sheet.

Find parent folders in Finder search results

Use a keyboard shortcut to navigate to enclosing folders after you've done a search in the Finder.

Create unique margins and text flows in Pages

Use Pages to create interesting margins and lines that flow through your text, creating interesting looking layouts.

Speed up operations in photo-laden Pages files

Learn a super-easy way to make operations in Pages much faster, especially when working with files that are loaded with a lot of photos.

Identify causes of large Time Machine backups

Learn about possible sources of large Time Machine backups, and tools you can use to identify those sources.

Scale applications to fit smaller screens

Learn how to shrink applications down to fit on smaller screens, or how to make them larger, if you wish (perhaps to adjust for a too-small font size).

How to make your own Macworld Video

In this week's video, Rob Griffiths covers the process and tools used to create the Macworld Video. Yes, it's a video about making the very video you'll be watching.

Temporarily turn Terminal translucent

Use a simple trick to quickly see what's behind a Terminal window, without having to move it way out of the way, use Expose, minimize it to the Dock, or switch to another application.

Frankenbook! Another look at hacked Mac netbooks

Rob Griffiths becomes the latest Macworld editor to dive into the world of OS X on a miniature Windows laptop. This time, it's a Dell Mini 10v, a slightly-larger version of the Dell Vostro A90.