Rob GriffithsSenior Contributor, Macworld

Former Macworld Senior Editor Rob Griffiths founded Mac OS X Hints. He's now master of ceremonies at Many Tricks Software.

New NetNewsWire sync option isn't for everyone

The upcoming release of NetNewsWire 3.2 promises a few new features, but also removes MobileMe and NewsGator sync, replacing both with sync via Google Reader. Rob Griffiths explains why he dislikes this decision, and what he plans on doing about it.

Use Preview in 10.5 to invert colors

Learn a simple way to invert a photograph using Preview in OS X 10.5

Rename open files

Use a long-standing Mac OS feature to rename a file even while you're actively editing that file.

Fine control over GarageBand's Master Tempo

Learn how to move GarageBand's Master Tempo (and Master Volume) in smaller increments.

The case of the cracked iPhone

So what happens if your iPhone 3G case cracks while still under warranty? As it turns out, it's pretty much a non-event.

Garmin flight-planning app winging its way to the iPhone

Pilot My-Cast, which offers important aviation weather data, flight planning, and flight filing services for private pilots, should arrive on the App Store in September.

See RSS article authors in 10.5's Mail

Learn how to see the author of a given RSS article in Mail, assuming the feed includes that information.

The Intel-only future draws closer

Rob Griffiths looks at the continuing trend towards Intel-only applications, and what it means for the PowerPC user.

Better handout printing from Keynote

Learn how to get nicer handout prints from Apple's Keynote presentation software.

Living on the EDGE

Rob Griffiths discusses the impact that network speed, or lack thereof, has on the iPhone user experience.

Increment numbers in filenames in 10.5's Finder

The 10.5 Finder has an interesting feature (or is it a bug?) in how it renames copied files. Depending on how you copy the file, you can control how the copy will be named. Use one method, and you can increment numbers in filenames as you copy them.

SpamX 4.0

While SpamX remains unparalleled at reporting spammers to their ISPs, and offers a very effective spam filtering solution, all of the problems we noted with version 3 remain with version 4.

Create a replacement Reload button for Safari 4

Safari 4 moved the Reload button to the right side of the URL entry area. If you prefer a location on the left, this hint provides a workable alternative.

Purify 2.1

Purify is a so-called pass-through spam filter that scans and categorizes your e-mail as it arrives—it doesn’t actually trap or block spam, but codes it so that you can then handle it as you wish with your e-mail client of choice.

Add a Debug menu to Safari 4

Learn how to add the Debug menu to Safari 4 (and why you might want to).