Rob GriffithsSenior Contributor, Macworld

Former Macworld Senior Editor Rob Griffiths founded Mac OS X Hints. He's now master of ceremonies at Many Tricks Software.

Virtualization: Windows on a Mac

Want to run Windows (or Linux) on your Mac? Then you need virtualization software. But which of the three major Mac apps is best for your specific needs? Rob Griffiths walks you through it.

One way to access the Mac's boot menu

If you have more than one bootable drive (or partition) on your Mac, you know you can get to the boot menu by holding down the Option key at boot time. Learn another less-expected way to get to that same menu in this hint.

The iPad's five worst surprises

We've told you about pleasant surprise from Wednesday's iPad announcement. Now Rob Griffiths shares his thoughts on the less-pleasant discoveries from the iPad's unveiling.

Virtualization: Which one to use?

Which of the three major Mac virtualization apps (Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Sun's VirtualBox) is right for you? Depends entirely on what you plan to do with it.

Virtualization: Performance testing

We put the latest version of Parallels Desktop 5, VMware Fusion 3, and Sun's VirtualBox through a series of tests to determine real world performance.

Find only exact duplicates in iTunes

Learn a very simple way to find just exact duplicates in iTunes.

What might a tablet's home screen look like?

Rob Griffiths ponders what the home screen of a still-mythical Apple tablet device might look like.

VirtualBox 3.1.2

The latest version of VirtualBox supports multiple CPU cores and accelerated DirectX graphics in Windows. But its biggest advantage compared to other virtualization apps is price: It's free.

Parallels 5 (build 9308)

Parallels 5 is a feature-rich and speedy virtualization solution that does an excellent job with DirectX and OpenGL video acceleration.

Fusion 3.0.1

VMware's Fusion 3.0.1 adds many new features, including a full-screen toolbar, improved DirectX support, 64-bit native core, and a modestly revised interface to what was already a very good virtualization solution.

Clear just one Recent Items category

Learn a simple way to clear out one category (Applications, Documents, Servers) in the Apple Menu's Recent Items section without clearing the other categories.

What key features will a tablet need before you buy one?

Rob Griffiths discusses three features he'd like to see on the rumored-to-be-true Apple tablet in order for it to find a spot in his home.

New ways to navigate column view Finder windows in 10.6

Learn how to use new keys to move up and down a folder hierarchy in Snow Leopard without losing your currently-selected file.

Watch smaller-resolution movies at their native size in Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard's QuickTime Player won't display smaller movies at their native resolution. Learn a few different ways of working around this limitation.

Recover apparently-vanished messages in Mail

Learn one possible method to restore messages that have gone missing -- not ones that you've deleted, but messages that really should be there, but simply aren't.