Rob GriffithsSenior Contributor, Macworld

Former Macworld Senior Editor Rob Griffiths founded Mac OS X Hints. He's now master of ceremonies at Many Tricks Software.

Don't send special keys in 10.6's Screen Sharing

In 10.6, the system will send keys, such as Command-Tab, Command-Option-Escape, and others, to the remote machine during Screen Sharing sessions. This hint explains how to prevent that from happening, so that the special keys are interpreted by the local Mac.

Add an ExpressCard solid state drive to some MacBook Pros

Rob Griffiths talks about his experiences adding an ExpressCard solid state drive (SSD) to his 15-inch MacBook Pro, and then using it as the system boot drive. Learn how well it works, what to watch out for, and the benefits and risks of making the move.

Disable spell checking in Stickies in 10.6

Learn how to permanently disable spell check in Stickies in Snow Leopard

Batch conversion saves slow QuickTime clips

Rob Griffiths discusses a problem he had with extremely slow frame rates on some high definition video backgrounds. In the end, saving the clips required converting them to another QuickTime compression format.

See path to messages in Snow Leopard's Mail

A quick hint about a new feature in Snow Leopard's Mail that lets you easily see the path to any message you have opened in a separate window.

Remove unwanted text shadows in iWork programs

Learn how to remove unwanted, and occasionally doubled, shadows in iWork applications. This hint will also work in other programs that use both their own font styling features alongside the system-wide Fonts panel.

Run Stats for iPhone

Run Stats tracks your speed, distance, time, and elevation changes during a run, using the iPhone's built-in GPS. When done with a run, you can view your route on a map, and charts showing speed and elevation changes over time. It's also useful for tracking travels in a car.

Move cursor while paging through files

If you use the Page Up and Page Down keys to flip through files in TextEdit and other applications, learn how to also move the cursor location while doing so.

Enable better font smoothing on some LCD displays in Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard removed some options for font smoothing, and some third-party monitors may suffer degraded font rendering as a result. This hint explains how to possibly restore the font smoothing on those monitors via a Terminal command

Another way to securely delete the trash in Snow Leopard

You can set up the Finder to securely empty your Mac's trash by default. But here's another, very simple way to securely empty the trash in Snow Leopard.

Access old-style Dock contextual menus in Snow Leopard

Learn two ways -- one temporary, one permanent -- to use the 10.5-style contextual Dock menus in Snow Leopard.

Enable visual tab switcher in Firefox 3.6 beta

Learn how to enable a visual tab switcher, much like the OS X Command-Tab application switcher, in the Firefox 3.6 beta releases.

First Look: Chrome for Mac

The beta of Google's browser, Chrome for Mac, is out. Rob Griffiths takes a look at what's there, what's not there, and how it all works in this First Look.

Force Mail in 10.6 to only copy e-mail addresses

By default, when you use the contextual menu to copy an e-mail address in 10.6's Mail app, you get not only the address, but the user's name and angle brackets around the e-mail address. This hint explains how to force Mail to only copy the e-mail address.

Start a new Mail message from any application

Learn how to use an AppleScript to start a new Mail message from any application, in both OS X 10.5 and 10.6