Solve inkjet printer problems

Troubled by blurry prints or strange colors? Try these solutions to common printer frustrations.

Take command of color

Whether you’re creating a brochure in Apple’s Pages or coding Web pages in a text editor, choosing the perfect combination of colors for your design can be an intimidating process. Mac OS X offers color tools that can help anyone use color more effectively.

Xyle Scope 1.1

Xyle scope 1.1.5 is a solid analysis and troubleshooting tool, well worth its modest price. If you want to pull back the curtains and see how the wizards of CSS do their magic, Xyle scope is for you.

Devonthink Pro 1.0

Devonthink Pro 1.0.2 is brimming with organizational and search features without feeling bloated. It’s powerful without feeling overwhelming. If you need to make sense of a lot of information, Devonthink Pro is a smart choice.

Tiger's secret tools

With more than 200 new features, Tiger is overflowing with goodies. You’ll find Core Image Fun House and Quartz Composer tucked into Apple’s Xcode developer suite. These programs tap Tiger’s powerful graphics abilities, letting you apply live, editable effects to digital photos, and even design your own screen saver.

Solve printer problems

Blurry details. Runny ink. Unsightly blotches. Getting the best prints from your ink-jet printer can be tricky. We’ll show you how to recognize and correct the most-common print problems.

Sony DCR-PC55

The Sony DCR-PC55 is seductively compact, housed in a stylish metallic body available in silver, black, red, and white. Unfortunately, the small size is the big news. Aside from scale, this camcorder just doesn’t measure up.

Sony DCR-HC42

At first glance, the Sony DCR-HC42 looks promising enough. It’s compact, sports a 2.7-inch widescreen LCD, and shoots colorful, vibrant video outdoors. Unfortunately, it suffers from very noticeable purple fringing, a distracting purple glow that appears around high contrast areas in an image.

Curio 2.4 Professional Edition

If you find notebooks, outliners, and information managers too confining, Curio will give your imagination the space to run free. Its ability to pull together disparate items makes it a fantastic, catch-all tool.

MacJournal 3.1

The added features in the commercial version are welcome additions—and worth the upgrade price for devoted MacJournalists—but some users may find the freeware version enough to meet their needs.

Sony DCR-HC32

The 20x optical zoom lens on the Sony DCR-HC32 offers more range than most, but there’s little else to recommend about this mediocre camcorder.

iMaginator 1.1

iMaginator doesn’t just put a pretty face on Tiger’s Core Image underbelly, it lets you accomplish serious digital imaging special effects with this exciting new technology.

OD4Contact 2.5

Objective Decision’s OD4Contact 2.5.3 bundles powerful contact, task, and communication management abilities in a polished interface. But OD4Contact is missing some key features that would allow it to fulfill its potential.

Nikon Coolpix S1

The Coolpix S1 lacks some features enthusiasts might expect, but point-and-shooters who need a bit of guidance will like its easy operation and excellent color.

Canon ZR400

The Canon ZR400 is compact and simple to operate, making it a good choice for recording family fun, but don’t expect the still images to take the place of a dedicated digital camera.