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Internet compass

After hacking claims, second firm pulls digital certificates

GlobalSign is no longer issuing digital certificates as it investigates a hacker's claim that he broke into the company's computer systems.


Mac OS X can't properly revoke dodgy digital certificates

A programming glitch in Apple's OS X operating system is making it hard for Mac users to tell their computers not to trust digital certificates.

In just three weeks, Facebook pays out $40K to hackers

Three weeks after launching a bug bounty program that pays Web hackers cash for finding flaws with its website, Facebook said it has paid out more than $40,000 in rewards.


Does the Mac have an edge against state-sponsored hacking?

At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas Wednesday, the founder of the iSec Partners security consultancy took a look at the typical stages of an advanced persistent threat attack to compare how the Mac would do versus Windows 7.

AT&T iPad hacker pleads guilty

A 26-year-old man who last year helped hackers steal personal information belonging to about 120,000 iPad users pleaded guilty to fraud and hacking charges in a New Jersey court Thursday.

Hotmail and Yahoo users also victims of targeted attacks

Web mail users at Yahoo and Hotmail have been hit with the same kind of targeted attacks that were disclosed earlier this week by Google, according to a security software vendor.

Google says phishers stole e-mail from US officials, others

Google has disrupted what it believes to be a targeted phishing campaign aimed at stealing e-mail from government officials, contractors and military personnel.

Facebook video scam puts malware on Mac and Windows

Mac and PC users are both being targeted by scammers circulating malicious Web links on Facebook that try to install fake antivirus software on victims' computers.

Adobe Flash update puts users in charge of privacy

Adobe has released an important update to its Flash Player software that fixes critical security flaws and gives users a better way of controlling whether they are being tracked on the Web. In addition, Mac users will now get automatic software update notifications.


Symantec says Facebook applications leaked information

A programming bug on Facebook's website may have accidentally given advertisers and others access to a treasure trove of personal information, Symantec security researchers say. Facebook says there's no evidence that anyone misused the leaked data.

Researcher identifies Skype 5 for Mac security flaw

Skype plans to push out an important update to its Skype 5 for Mac software next week that will fix a bug that could be leveraged by hackers. The bug doesn't affect older versions of Skype and a "hotfix" update is available right now.

Key hole

California's Do Not Track law takes a step forward

California is a step closer to getting the first Do Not Track legislation in the U.S., aimed at protecting Internet users from invasive advertising.

Sony cuts off Sony Online Entertainment service after hack

The widely publicized hack of Sony's computer networks is worse than previously thought, also affecting 24.6 million Sony Online Entertainment network accounts.

UberSocial fixes direct-message privacy bug

UberSocial has fixed a bug in its Twitter software for mobile phones that put some users' privacy at risk.

Twitter: Some UberSocial direct messages not private

Twitter is warning users of the popular UberSocial Twitter-messaging software that direct messages they send may not be private.