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FTC officially closes Twitter security investigation

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has closed the book on its legal action against Twitter, stemming from two 2009 hacking incidents where high-profile Twitter lost control of their accounts.

Accused AT&T hacker makes bail

One of the two men accused of hacking AT&T's website to grab personal information about thousands of iPad users has been released on bail.

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Hacker writes easy-to-use Mac Trojan

In a sign that hackers, like everyone else, are taking an interest in everything Apple, researchers at Sophos say they've spotted a new Trojan horse program written for the Mac.

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Microsoft has a change of heart on how to keep Internet safe

Microsoft's chief security executive told the RSA Conference that he no longer thought it was a good idea for service providers to be the ones on the hook for keeping infected PCs from the rest of the Internet.


Facebook offers protection against wireless Firesheep attack

Facebook is rolling out a more secure way to connect to its website, which will protect users from a widely publicized wireless networking attack called Firesheep.

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AT&T iPad hackers' chats were turned in by secret source

The government's case against two men charged with hacking into AT&T's Website to steal e-mail addresses from about 120,000 iPad users got a boost last year when a confidential source handed over 150 pages of chat logs between the two and other members of their hacking group.


Coming soon: A new way to hack into your smartphone

Computer security experts think they've found a whole new way to break into mobile phones -- one that could become a headache for Apple and Android smartphone makers.

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'Patriot Act' phishing e-mails resurface, FDIC warns

Scammers are trying to steal banking information using fake e-mails that look like they've come from the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the FDIC says.

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Adobe warns of Shockwave bug

Adobe is warning of a newly disclosed flaw in its Shockwave Player software.

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Facebook sues over free gift card, 'dislike' button scams

Facebook has filed lawsuits aimed at cracking down on a variety of scams that have been running wild on the social-networking site in recent months.

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Google: Change your password twice a year to keep safe

Google says that important online passwords should be changed twice a year.


Report: AOL may join in bid for Yahoo

The Wall Street Journal reports that AOL may be exploring ways to buy Yahoo.

Facebook's new groups feature worries some

Some Facebook users expressed concerns Thursday over the way Facebook groups adds users without consent.

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California bans malicious online impersonation

California has passed a law outlawing malicious online impersonation.

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FBI investigating 'Here you have' worm

The FBI is investigating the Sept. 9 'Here you have' worm outbreak.