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Network World: Why the iPhone matters

Just as instant messaging and Wi-Fi access migrated from the consumer to the enterprise environment, so too will the iPhone. Network World looks at why.

Competitors downplay iPhone's enterprise appeal

Wireless handset makers at the CTIA wireless industry convention agree that Apple's iPhone does e-mail, Web browsing, media, and voice very well, but don't think it will threaten their enterprise customer base.

VMware IPO price set at $29 per share

VMware set its IPO price at $29, the high end of a range set last week. The stock goes on sale Tuesday.

California gets Microsoft to change Vista

California Attorney General Jerry Brown says Microsoft has agreed to change Vista to allow other search engines to be offered in its “Instant Search” feature.

VMware sets pricing, targets Parallels

VMware announced Monday that it will price its upcoming Fusion software at prices that match those of its Windows-on-Mac virtualization rival, Parallels.

Moore's Law meets Gore's Law at processor forum

Intel and AMD were among the companies touting research into powerful but energy efficient processors at a forum in San Jose, Calif., Tuesday.

Ballmer coy about Yahoo acquisition prospects

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer indirectly commented on the rumored Yahoo acquisition, saying Wednesday Microsoft doesn't usually acquire very large companies.

Motorola CEO is ready to take on iPhone

Motorola CEO Ed Zander says he's confident Motorola can compete with Apple's upcoming iPhone.

Analysis: Apple SEC case playing out in public

The SEC's case against former Apple Inc. lawyer Nancy Heinen over stock options backdating may be one of the first that goes to trial, legal experts said.

SEC charges former Apple executive in options case

The SEC has issued charges of frauduent stock option backdating against former Apple general counsel Nancy Heinen, the agency said Tuesday.

Apple product hazards put to shareholder vote

An Apple investor wants shareholders to vote on whether Apple should eliminate hazardous substances in its products. Apple urges a "No" vote.

Report: Ex-Apple executives may be charged this week

The SEC may take enforcement action as soon as this week against two former Apple executives for stock options backdating, a newspaper reports.

Shareholders want change in Apple's stock options rules

Some Apple shareholders want to change the way stock options are granted at the company in the wake of stock options accounting irregularities.

Microsoft, Google trade barbs on enterprise search

Microsoft and Google representatives compared each other’s enterprise search products at a conference in San Francisco Wednesday.

Another Microsoft-Alcatel patent flap to be probed

The International Trade Commission will probe a patent infringement claim made by Microsoft against Alcatel for telecommunications technology.