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Opti sues Apple

Opti has filed a patent lawsuit against Apple for using its patented technology in Macs.

California offers former HP execs plea deals

Plea agreements have reportedly been offered by California prosecutors to defendants in the Hewlett-Packard spying case.

U.S. attorney investigating Apple stock options

The U.S. Attorney's office in San Francisco is investigating stock options backdating activities of Apple.

Guilty plea gives prosecutors edge in HP case

A private investigator's guilty plean to federal charges in the HP spying case gives prosecutors an inside witness that could lead to other charges in the case, a legal expert said.

Investigator to plead guilty in HP case

A private investigator implicated in the HP spying case is scheduled to appear in federal court Friday to plead guilty, his attorney confirmed.

Cisco sues Apple over iPhone name

Just a day after Steve Jobs unveiled Apple's iPhone at Macworld Expo, Cisco Systems filed suit in federal court to stop Apple from using the name for its new smartphone.

VMWare for Macs may have limited appeal

About 70,000 people have registered for a free download of VMware's Macintosh virtualization software.

Plaintiffs to amend Apple stock-option lawsuit

Plaintiffs in a stock-options backdating suit against Apple plan to amend their suit to include information from Apple's internal probe.

Wikipedia-like search engine in development

The founder of Wikipedia is inviting others to join him in development of an open source Wiki-like search engine to compete against Google and Yahoo.

Analysis: After one month, no rush to adopt Vista

After a month on the market, Windows Vista isn't ready to replace Windows XP yet, enterprise users say.

YouTube generation needs more broadband

Technology industry experts said U.S. broadband networks need to get faster to meet the demand for on demand video content.

Intel speeds up introduction of quad-core chip

Intel says it is introducing a new quad-core 5300 series processor two months ahead of schedule, citing demand from server and workstation vendors.

Virtualization takes toll on physical server sales

Virtualization cut into server sales growth in the third quarter, Gartner said.

HP quadruples income for fourth quarter

Even though HP has been plagued by recent boardroom scandals, the company still reported net income of $1.7 billion for the fourth quarter -- more than four times than earnings for the same period last year.

Ex-HP chair Dunn pleads not guilty

Former HP chairman Patricia Dunn pleaded not guilty Wednesday to four felony charges in connection with the HP board scandal.