Robert S. AnthonyContributor, PCWorld

Robert S. Anthony is a New York-based technology journalist. He writes a tech blog called The Paper PC.

Samsung's 3D TVs: bold and bright

On Tuesday, Samsung showed off its first-ever line of 3D LED TVs as well as other additions to its LED, LCD, and plasma TV lineups, many of which offer built-in 3D technology.

Flying quadricopter drone controlled by an iPhone

At CES, Parrot demonstrated a toy helicopter controlled with nothing more than an iPhone and the appropriate software.

Casio G'zOne Rock

The sturdy Casio G'zOne Rock phone will appeal to outdoors types, but anyone looking for advanced multimedia capabilities might be disappointed.

CES 2010 Preview: Gloom, but not doom

Consumer Electronics Association officials see some breaks in the clouds for rising technologies such as e-book readers, 3D televisions, and mobile apps, as the group that organizes the CES trade show gave its forecast for the coming year.

HTC Droid Eris

If you want a cheaper Android-based alternative to the Droid and can live without a hardware keyboard, the Droid Eris is a good choice.

Hands on with Google Maps Navigation on Android

An impressive feature of Google's new Android 2.0 mobile device operating system is Google Maps Navigation, a that's not only free to use, but is fairly easy to...

Motorola Droid

The Droid certainly lives up to its promises and does a lot of things the iPhone doesn’t. The iPhone will probably keep its smartphone throne for now, but it will have to deal with a powerful new competitor.