HD Hero

The HD Hero is sports enthusiasts whose hobby includes not just the activity itself, but sitting afterward at a computer messing with the images and footage gathered during a session.

Aperture 3.0.1

Apple has finally updated its pro photo management app, Aperture, to version 3, and there's something in this new release for every level of photographer.

Sigma DP1 and DP2

The Sigma DP1 and DP2 feature image quality that's truly on the same scale as entry-level SLRs, but they have clunky controls.

Review: Aperture 2.0.1

The latest version of Apple's photo management tool features some much-needed upgrades, such as better performance and added tools for editing RAW files from your camera. Find out if Aperture 2 is worth its price.

First Look: Aperture 2.0

Aperture users have been waiting for a major update, and it's finally here in Aperture 2.0. Russ Juskalian takes a first look at the new features in Apple's photo management tool for serious photographers.