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Ryan Faas is a technology journalist and author who has been writing about Apple, business and enterprise IT topics, and the mobile industry for over a decade. He is author and/or editor of ten technology books. He is a prolific freelance writer whose work has been featured on Computerworld, Enterprise Mobile Today, InformIT, Peachpit Press, Cult of Mac, Cult of Android, About.com, and Datamation. In 2008 he was awarded a Neal National Business Journalism award for his work featured in Computerworld's "Week of Leopard" series.

In addition to writing, Ryan has spent a large portion of the past fifteen years in the systems/network engineering and IT management fields as an IT director, systems administrator, trainer, and all round multi-platform and mobile device technology consultant. His client list ranges from human services agencies, small non-profits, and private schools to fortune 500 hundred companies and major media agencies.

Apple's Mac Mini server ideal for small office

Although not big on size or raw computing power, the Mac Mini has always had at least enough power to meet the needs of less-than-demanding environments. That's why Computerworld's Ryan Faas was immediately taken with Apple’s decision last fall to launch the Mac Mini server configuration

Should your IT department support the iPhone?

A lot has changed since IT managers and system administrators panned the original iPhone. Computerworld's Ryan Faas looks at whether the iPhone is ready for business adoption. The answer varies from business to business.

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Computerworld's Ryan Faas shares his impressions of the OS X 10.6 version of Apple's server software.

Ten free tools for getting work done on your Mac

Mac productivity software doesn't have to cost a lot -- or, indeed, anything at all. Here are 10 great apps that will help you get stuff done on your Mac for peanuts.

What do Apple's WWDC moves mean for business?

After a Worldwide Developers Conference keynote that saw a Snow Leopard preview and more developments on the iPhone front, Computerworld's Ryan Faas looks at the week's news from an enterprise perspective.

Fifteen easy fixes for Mac security risks

The Mac OS is a pretty safe platform, but no system is perfect. There are a number of security holes that are common on Mac OS X systems. Computerworld's Ryan Faas shows you how to close them.

Exploring the hidden features of the latest iPhoto update

The recent iPhoto 8.0.2 update includes several unheralded enhancements -- some of them quite useful. Computerworld's Ryan Faas explores the changes.

Mac management for Windows IT folks

The prospect of introducing Macs into a Windows environment brings with it many questions and challenges. Will Macs be able to access network resources? Can they be joined to an Active Directory domain? What sort of deployment and management options are there for Macs? Computerworld’s Ryan Faas tackles these questions.

Will Apple's App Store change the desktop app market?

Apple's iPhone has changed the landscape of the smart phone industry, but what about desktop software?

In the beginning: The making of the Mac

To celebrate the silver anniversary of the Mac’s debut, Computerworld’s Ryan Faas looks back at how the original Mac came to be.

Making the iPhone a killer business device

Computerworld’s Ryan Faas has a list of 10 things Apple could—and should—offer to make the iPhone a killer business device.

Don't wait for Snow Leopard—slim down, speed up Leopard now

10 steps you can take to make your Leopard Mac run faster right now.

Seven ways to push mail to the iPhone—without Exchange

Exchange may be the most common e-mail and collaborative tools package on the market, but it isn't always the best choice for every company, including those using iPhones.

Deploying the iPhone 3G for business: Integrating with Exchange

In this second part of his three-part series, Ryan Faas provides tips for integrating and managing iPhones in an Exchange environment.

Get Leopard and Windows to play nice

Although Leopard and Windows typically play well together, understanding some of the nuances for getting a Mac to talk with a PC can sometimes be a little challenging. Computerworld’s Ryan Faas looks at some of the details you should understand to get the best of both worlds.