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Ryan Faas is a technology journalist and author who has been writing about Apple, business and enterprise IT topics, and the mobile industry for over a decade. He is author and/or editor of ten technology books. He is a prolific freelance writer whose work has been featured on Computerworld, Enterprise Mobile Today, InformIT, Peachpit Press, Cult of Mac, Cult of Android, About.com, and Datamation. In 2008 he was awarded a Neal National Business Journalism award for his work featured in Computerworld's "Week of Leopard" series.

In addition to writing, Ryan has spent a large portion of the past fifteen years in the systems/network engineering and IT management fields as an IT director, systems administrator, trainer, and all round multi-platform and mobile device technology consultant. His client list ranges from human services agencies, small non-profits, and private schools to fortune 500 hundred companies and major media agencies.

Computerworld: Hands on with Apple TV

Computerworld spends some time with Apple TV and declares that Apple's set-top box offers both simplicity and class.

Mac support in an Active Directory environment

Supporting Macs in Windows Active Directory environments can be a challenge, so Ryan Faas has helped break it down.

Analysis: Mac OS X 'an ideal platform' for SMBs

Historically, Macs and small business aren’t often associated with each other. Yet smaller firms seem to be one of the markets Apple is targeting with Mac OS X Leopard Server.

Mac virtualization: VMware vs. Parallels

VMWare Fusion is shaping up to compete with Parallels Desktop for Mac, but how do these two Windows virtualization software apps for the Mac compare? Ryan Faas offers his observations in this shootout.

Opinion: Eight reasons to think before buying an iPhone

Are you thinking about buying an iPhone when Apple and Cingular release them in June? It might be just the phone you're looking for, but before you commit, here are eight things you might want to consider before taking the leap.

Opinion: What does 2007 hold for Apple?

Ryan Faas speculates on what Apple might show us in 2007, including Leopard, Leopard Server, new pro apps and new iPods.

Spaces: Apple's take on virtual desktops

Turning his attention to Spaces, Computerworld's Ryan Faas offers a preview of what this new virtual desktop technology will bring to the Mac when Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard" reaches store shelves in 2007.

Apple's Time Machine: Forward into the past?

The built-in backup feature Time Machine is one of the most talked about additions slated for Leopard. Computerworld's Ryan Faas takes a closer look at what this new capability will mean for OS X users.

Opinion: School's out: Time to order new Macs?

Ryan Faas wonders if now's the time for school IT administrators to stock up on new Apple hardware -- or is it worth waiting for new models?

Inside the Mac OS: A look at AppleTalk and zones

AppleTalk is one of the two protocols typically used in today's Mac networks. The other is TCP/IP, which has become the dominant network protocol for all computer networks and is the protocol on which the Internet is based.

For schools, Apple offers special iMac G5, eMac

Apple has a habit of quietly releasing special Macintosh models for schools and colleges. There were, for example, the Power Mac 5000 line and the G3 All-in-One Mac for education (both of which resembled early and somewhat pedestrian precursors to the original iMac). But with the release of the new iMac G5, some educational technology departments might want to look at Apple's online education store, where they'll discover pricing and an additional iMac G5 available only to educational institutions. (And no, it's not available for individual purchase by faculty, staff or students.)