Robosockets for iPhone

If you like cleverly designed puzzle games with a decent amount of strategic depth, Robosockets is absolutely worth it.

Poker with Bob for iPhone

It isn't the best game of cards in town, but the well animated and fully voiced Bob may engage gamers looking for a poker partner on the go.

Poto and Cabenga for iPhone

This charming and challenging side-scroller impresses with its varied gameplay and colorful aesthetic.

Volcano Escape for iPhone

This slick iOS action-platformer is packed full of well-designed content, but it's occasionally hampered by clunky controls

Disoriented! for iPhone

A unique platormer that has you rotating your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to change the game's gravity, Disoriented is fun, if a little bit discombobulating.

Chicken Coup for iOS

This arcade-inspired sorting game is easy on the eyes and perfect for quick-play sessions, but a lack of depth and some game-stopping slowdown issues may seriously shorten it shelf-life on your iDevice.

NBA Jam for iPhone

In a surprise release by EA Sports, the storied NBA Jam franchise has made its way to the iTunes App Store completely intact.

Super Stick Golf for iOS

Super Stick Golf includes every course from the original game, as well as a whole heap of new ones. But that isn’t the only improvement that has been implemented in this sequel…