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A case that makes an iPhone look like a camera

If you've ever wished your iPhone looked more like a real camera, the UN01 case on Kickstarter might be for you.

Cure writer's block with distraction-free text editor Byword

The latest minimalist word processor cuts down on distractions by eliminating toolbars and turning your entire screen in a blank writing surface.

Slice HD for iPad

Watch your fingers, or Slice HD will cut them off. The gruesome iPad puzzle game, by TwitchGames, simultaneously tests your dexterity, your patience, and your stomach's fortitude. This violent game is not complex, but it does a great job at tricking you into thinking it is.

GDC Roundup: Blackstar, DJ Rivals, and Death Rally announced

The Game Developers Conference wrapped up last week, and many new games were announced. Here are a few that stood out.

GameSamba goes tribal with Cocolani Island

When you’re shipwrecked on an island, it’s good to have friends. On Wednesday, game publisher GameSamba announced the open beta of Cocolani Island, a free-to-play massive multiplayer online game. In the game, you pick a tribe, learn skills, solve puzzles, and help your friends dominate the competition.

Playfirst's Egg vs. Chicken joins the iOS coop

On Thursday, game publisher PlayFirst announced that its newest iPhone game, Egg vs. Chicken, is now available on the iOS App Store for $1.

Back to the Future: Episode 1 for the Mac

Back to the Future: Episode 1 rewrites the time-traveling movie franchise's history to provide room for the further adventures of Marty and Doc Brown.

And Yet It Moves for Mac

The game is a physics-based platformer that will make you question your spatial orientation while delivering you a challenging but engaging experience.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline for iOS

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline from Gameloft is a high-end, graphically-intensive, and content-rich car racing game.

IRISPhoto 4 scanner

The IRISPhoto 4 Scanner is a fine choice for folks looking to digitize large stacks of 4-by-6 photos, and who favor speed and convenience over superior scan quality. However, if you’re hoping to digitally preserve the beauty of high quality photos, the IRISPhoto 4’s washed out and noisy scans isn’t the device for you.

Samsung releases two new sub-$200 point-and-shoots

Samsung adds two new sub-$200 budget point-and-shoot cameras, the PL20 and the ES80, to its digital camera line-up.

Expo Notes: App maker brings touch of Bavaria to show floor found a way to stand out on a crowded Macworld 2011 show floor to promote their iPhone offerings.

Red Rover for iPhone

The classic playground game, Red Rover, is now available for the iPad—albeit with a militaristic twist. Though the iPad version of the game is more complicated than its playground counterpart, it doesn't have enough content to keep you interested for long.

Mad Skills Motocross for iPhone

In Turborilla's Mad Skills Motocross for the iPhone, you control a dirt bike racer as he competes against a computer challenger in a series of racing competitions. Though the game presents you with a wide variety of tracks to compete on, the skills required to succeed are laser-like in their focus.

Capcom announces new games for 2011

Capcom, a leading developer of mobile and console games, recently unveiled its New Year’s iOS game lineup.