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Sam is a former Macworld intern and currently works as a full-time political consultant.

Fragger for iPhone

Though it has a simple interface and an adorable cartoon art style, Fragger is a clever puzzler requiring careful planning and unique solutions. Often involving explosions.

Ruckus Media Group children's books for iPhone and iPad

Ruckus Media Group has published iPad versions of five children's books featuring the talents of well-known actors and musicians.

Hitachi announces G-Drive Slim Hard Drive

On Tuesday, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies announced the release of its G-Drive Slim, a 2.5-inch external hard drive billed as the "thinnest hard drive in the world."

Noterize for iPad

On their own, the many functions in this app leave something to be desired. But add them together -- particularly when it comes to annotating PDFs -- and this iPad notation app delivers.

Tap Disc for the iPhone

Thanks to an intuitive user interface and addictive game levels, Tap Disc is an enjoyable diversion into a weird world.

The World Clock for iPad

This utility does a great job of letting you know what time it is in cities around the world.

Lil' Pirates announced for the iPhone and iPod touch

Capcom and IUGO are teaming up to offer this pirate-themed. massively multiplayer online game for the iPhone.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus for iPhone

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus delivers impressive combat controls, well-detailed environments, and exciting single player and multiplayer levels.

Lite Brite for iPhone

EA’s Lite-Brite transforms your iPhone into an electronic light board. With your finger, you can string digitally rendered colored LED lights into recognizable patterns.

Fishing Kings HD for iPad

The game is well rendered, but will likely only appeal to the person who spends his Saturdays on the lake waiting to catch that illusive trout.

Dead Rising, Street Fighter IV update lead Capcom's iPhone plans

In addition to yet another update to Street Fighter IV, Capcom plans to bring its zombie-blasting Dead Rising game to the iPhone and iPod touch. A throwback to the great Capcom coin-op games is also in the works.

Great Adventures: Lost in the Mountains for the iPad

Great Adventures: Lost in the Mountains for the iPad is a hidden picture/puzzle game that pays tribute to such games as The Sims, Trivial Pursuit, and Myst. The abundance of genres will either leave you entertained or very confused.

Real Golf 2011 for iPhone

Real Golf 2011 for the iPhone offers realistic golf mechanics, stunning visuals and multiple gameplay options. Its touch interface could be improved, but overall the game is a worthy addition to your iPhone.

Zombie Escape for iPhone

In Zombie Escape, the goal is not to kill zombies, but to survive them. In this top-down path-drawing game, your task is to get as many humans evacuated to safety as possible.

Everlands HD for iPad

Though the game's graphics are cheesy and invoke memories of preschool cartoons, Everlands is no mere child's play. Instead, Everlands is one of the deepest, most complex strategy boardgames you'll see on the iOS.