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Sam is a former Macworld intern and currently works as a full-time political consultant.

Spinballs for iPhone

The time-sensitive “match-three” variant tasks the player with rotating discs filled with colorful orbs so that same-colored orbs connect. While Spinballs gets repetitive fast, for a short time killer it’s not bad.

Pigeon Squadron for iPhone

Pigeon Squadron is amusing for a few minutes due to its unique concept and crass humor, but when you get down to it there isn't much depth here.

Namco hints at Game Center plans, details upcoming apps

As part of a preview of mobile games it plans on releasing in 2010, Namco said Ms. Pac-Man would be updated to support Apple's newly launched Game Center social service.

iBrainstorm for iPad

This app turns your iPad into a virtual whiteboard and lets iPhone users with a free companion app wirelessly contribute notes to your brainstorming session. It's a promising idea, but one that ultimately has too many limitations to be the creative collaborative tool iBrainstorm's developer envisions.

PongVaders: Episode 1 for iPhone

Aliens have taken over the center of your screen and are intent on destroying Earth. Using your square, tennis-like paddles, you and a partner (the game is multiplayer only) must work together to deflect any missiles the aliens throw at our homeworld.

Chronicles of Mystery for iPhone

Chronicles of Mystery is a hidden picture mystery game that is riddled with software bugs, a complicated plot, dull character dialogue and repetitive gameplay.

Dragon Age: Origins--Awakening arrives on the Mac

Transgraming announced Tuesday that Dragon Age: Origins--Awakening, the expansion pack to the epic role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins, is now available for the Mac for $30.