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Sarah is a freelance writer and editor based in Silicon Valley. She has a love/hate relationship with social media and a bad habit of describing technology as "sexy."

Review: Striiv Play makes workouts more fun

The Striiv Play smart pedometer works with a free app to track your steps, stairs, distance, time, and calories.

Best Buy

Best Buy will match online prices this holiday season

Retailers are wary of "showrooming," which refers to customers visiting brick-and-mortar retail outlets only for a hands-on look at merchandise, which they then buy cheaper online. To fight this, some retailers are offering discounts for buying in person and promoting sales staff expertise.


Facebook phone number lookups now limited, but you should still tweak this privacy setting

Facebook confirmed it has patched a security hole related to its phone number search.


Google Wallet for content: Google's latest plan to nickel-and-dime us on the Web

Google Wallet for content will let people pay for access to web articles using the Google Wallet mobile payment system


California bars employers from demanding employees' social media log-in info

A new California law prohibits employers and universities from requiring or requesting social media log-in information from employees, potential employees, students, potential students, and student groups.


Amazon asks judge to dismiss Apple's 'App Store' suit

Amazon on Wednesday requested that a judge dismiss Apple's 'false advertising' claim regarding the online retailer's use of the term 'app store'.


Fit Tech: Track your workouts with Physique for iOS

It takes a little getting used to, but after the learning curve Physique is an excellent tool for tracking weight workouts.

Find the right fitness headphones

Exercise is difficult enough without having to constantly worry about your earbuds falling out of your ears or your over-ear headphones getting sweaty and uncomfortable. We take a look at six different headphones designed specifically for active users.


TechHive: Anti-security group claims FBI breach, posts 1 million iOS UDIDs

Hacktivist group AntiSec has released what it claims are 1,000,001 Apple Unique Device Identifiers (UDIDs) that were allegedly obtained from an FBI breach.

Sceptre E420BV-F120

The Sceptre E420BV-F120 has a lot of ports and a slim design, but those positives are outweighed by poor picture quality and a lack of Internet-connected features.

ViewSonic VT4210 LED HDTV

If you don't care about extra features, the VT4210 HDTV is a simple, decent, no-frills choice.

Video: Independent Games Festival winners at GDC

Each year GDC hosts an independent games festival, during which nominees are showcased and awards are handed out. We checked out a couple of our favorites.

GDC: Hands on with games from EA Mobile and Chillingo

Electronic Arts’ EA Mobile and Chillingo divisions unveiled their latest iOS game titles at the Game Developers Conference.

Telltale Games intros Mac version of Jurassic Park

Telltale’s big news is a new Jurassic Park game, which will debut in April for both Mac and Windows PC platforms. Featuring cinematic graphics and a fast-paced storyline, Jurassic Park: The Game picks up in the middle of the first movie and follows a veterinarian and his daughter as they try to escape the island.

Samsung UN55C7000 55-Inch LCD TV

The Samsung C7000 series delivers generally good picture quality, but oversaturation, moving buildings, and a poor range of side viewing angles are flaws.