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Scott McNulty is the author of many technology books, a Kindle enthusiast, and all an around righteous dude.

Kindle Paperwhite review: Ebook reader gets warmer, faster

The new Kindle Paperwhite is like the old one, but with a better backlight and upgraded software.


Why I dread going to the Apple Store

Scott McNulty has been to plenty of Apple Stores, but as time goes by he finds himself increasingly disenchanted with the experience.

Kindle app update adds Real page numbers

Kindle app update adds real page number support, progress indicator, and in-app Google/Wikipedia lookups.

TimePreserver 1.0

TimePreserver does just one thing: It creates a fully restorable copy of each Time Machine backup stored on a Time Capsule. But it performs that task well.

Kindle 3.1 software preview brings real page numbers, more

Amazon posts preview of new software for the Kindle that adds real page numbers, public notes, and more.

First Look: Google eBookstore

Google launched its foray into the e-book market this week, and e-reading enthusiast Scott McNulty takes a look at the service to see what it offers.

E-book lending, periodicals reading in apps coming to Kindle

Amazon announces periodical support is coming to Kindle apps, and lending will be available in the Kindle ecosystem before the end of the year.

Amazon updates Kindle for Mac

Kindle for Mac update adds note/highlight editing, multi-column view, and a new user interface.

Amazon launches beta of Kindle for the Web

Kindle for the Web allows you to preview and share Kindle samples in your browser of choice.

Kindle app now available for iPad

Amazon has added iPad compatibility to its free Kindle e-reading application.

NPR releases iPad app, iPad-friendly site

NPR has rolled out both an iPad app for browsing its content offerings and an iPad-friendly site, complete with audio streams.

BookArc for iPad cradles your iPad, so you don't have to

Twelve South's new BookArc for iPad will allow you to enjoy your iPad handsfree, in both landscape and portrait modes.

Apple refunds expedited shipping charges for iPads

Apple has refunded shipping charges for people who opted for two-day shipping on their iPad pre-orders.