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Scott McNulty is the author of many technology books, a Kindle enthusiast, and all an around righteous dude.

Check Off 4 adds new interface, Snow Leopard compatibility

The latest version Second Gear's task-managing program, Check Off 4, is now ready for Snow Leopard, and it has a spiffy new look.

DateLine keeps you on schedule

DateLine does one thing: displays a linear calendar on your Mac.

Kodak runs out of ideas, turns to you

Kodak has launched a contest to help name its next pocket-sized camcorder, the successor to the Zi6 and Zi8 models.

iTunes 9: A wish list

It seems like a safe bet we'll see iTunes 9 unveiled some time in September. Scott McNulty weighs in on some rumored additions, and a few features he'd like to see.

Tweetube helps you share video on Twitter

Tweetube is a complementary app to the third-party service of the same name that allows you share a variety of media on Twitter.

Google Quick Search Box released

Google Quick Search Box is out of developer preview and available for download.

Final release of Safari 4 tweaks interface from beta version

The full release version of Safari 4 differs in some noticeable way from the Safari 4 Public Beta that we saw earlier this year.

Wx: Powerful weather-tracking program

Wx is a meteorological program that is for anyone who’s serious about the weather.

Microsoft relaunching search service as Bing

Microsoft is relaunching its Live Search search engine as Bing, and bringing new features, a new look, and a new fan: Woz.

Microsoft announces Zune HD

Microsoft's Zune HD, due out this fall, will feature an OLED multitouch screen, HD video out, Wi-Fi, and a HD Radio tuner.

Like Macs? You'll love these pillows

These Mac-related pillows command you to sleep.

Kindle for iPhone 1.1 released

Amazon adds landscape mode, new text colors, and tap to flip to Kindle 1.1 for iPhone.

iAntiVirus 1.0

If you're more concerned about Mac-specific threats on your personal Mac than with passing along Windows viruses to your friends, iAntiVirus is worth installing. It is free (for personal use), scans many files quickly, and isn't resource intensive.

iTunes Store boldly goes where many have gone before

Not happy limiting your Star Trek purchases to toy phaser and novels? The iTunes Store Star Trek section is just for you.

Three new Get a Mac ads respond to MS

Apple unveiled three new Get a Mac ads that respond to the latest round of advertising from Microsoft.