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Scott McNulty is the author of many technology books, a Kindle enthusiast, and all an around righteous dude.

The Kindle: It's not an iPhone

Lots of people are comparing Amazon's Kindle with the iPhone, but Scott McNulty thinks that's just plain silly.

Only at Expo: It's the people, stupid

What makes Macworld Expo worth going to? The people, of course!

Palm Pre browser based on WebKit

Palm's newest smartphone sports a web browser based on WebKit.

Expo: SongGenie fills in missing iTunes info

If your wish is to have all your iTunes metadata filled in correctly, SongGenie wants to grant it.

Expo: Blue Microphone introduces Eyeball and Mikey

Blue Microphones introduces the Eyeball and Mikey to keep your Mac and iPod recording well.

Expo: Parrot by Starck

If you like designer speakers and have $1500 burning a hole in your pocket, Parrot has a system for you.

Only at Expo: Look foolish, win big

Wearing rabbit ears to an Apple store won't get you anything, wearing them at Expo might get you a fabulous prize.

Expo Notes: LiveScribe booth is just packed

Macworld Expo attendees seem to agree with Macworld editors: LiveScribe is pretty cool.

Expo: Sync 15 iPods to your iTunes library at once

The Parasync was build for schools and museums, but I bet Chris Breen could use one.

Expo: Navigate iPod controller and FM tuner

Griffin announces a new iPod/iPhone inline controller that doubles as an FM tuner.

Only at Expo: Aches be gone!

In this first post of a series, senior contributor Scott McNulty tells us about what Macworld Expo can bring us that we can't get at any old Apple Store.

Expo: Google wants to charge your iPhone

Stop by Google's booth, and charge your iPhone.

Expo: Keynote Remote now showing on App Store

Apple's newest iPhone app, Keynote Remote, is now available for purchase on the App Store.

Expo: Tune Blocker saves you from yourself

Matias introduces Tune Blocker, a cable that lets you sync your iPod or iPhone without fear.

Expo: SmartShare USB

Only have one USB port to spare? Make it two with Griffin's new SmartShare USB