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Scott McNulty is the author of many technology books, a Kindle enthusiast, and all an around righteous dude.

Expo: iLife '09 Guided Tours

Apple posts two videos showcasing the new features in iMovie '09 and iPhoto '09.

Expo: SoundClip pumps up your iPhone’s volume

SoundClip is a low-tech add-on to your iPhone that makes sure you won’t miss one sound.

Expo: Apple posts two 17 inch MacBook Pro videos

Apple posted the new 17-inch MacBook Pro television ad and a video featuring the new battery technology.

Expo: Livetweeting the Keynote

Follow @macworld on Twitter for livetweets during the Macworld Expo Keynote.

Review: iPhone Wikipedia apps

Scott McNulty reviews three paid Wikipedia clients for the iPhone and iPod touch. Wikipanion Plus is the most feature-rich and best-designed Wiki search app of the bunch. The low cost WikiPDA will appeal to people who want to look things up quickly. And Look Up: Encyclopedia For Your Pocket falls somewhere in the middle.

Apple shocks world, reveals it is a huge corporation

Though many seek to personify it, Apple is still a large, heartless corporation that makes cool stuff.

LittleSnapper captures the web in its native habitat

Realmac Software's new screenshot app, LittleSnapper, makes taking screenshots of the web easy.

iPhoto, the secret disk space thief

iPhoto, in an attempt to be helpful, might be costing you valuable disk space.

iTunes Store lists most popular items for 2008

A new page listing the top iTunes Store downloads for 2008 is now available.

Review: WriteRoom for iPhone

If you find yourself using your iPhone or iPod touch as a replacement for your ideas notebook and don’t care for the devices’ included Notes app, WriteRoom is well worth its $5 price tag for the ease of copying documents to and from your mobile device.

LED Cinema Display now shipping

Apple’s new 24-inch LED Cinema Display is now shipping to some lucky buyers.

Can't buy me Beatles on iTunes, still

Sir Paul McCartney says that talks over the Beatles' msuic catalog coming to iTunes have stalled. Again.

Final Cut Studio 2 is free if you ask nicely

A high school student emailed Steve asking for an educational discount on Final Cut Studio 2, and Steve gave him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Apple touts MacBooks’ greenness

Apple has created a new Web site, and TV ad, proclaiming the MacBook line as the ‘world’s greenest line of notebooks.’

TaskPaper 2.0 helps you get things done

Hog Bay Software's simple task management application gets bumped to 2.0, adding a bunch of new features and other enhancements.