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Scott McNulty is the author of many technology books, a Kindle enthusiast, and all an around righteous dude.

Apple TV 2.3: now with more remotes, and remote music

Apple releases Apple TV Software Update 2.3 which adds support for 3rd party remotes, music streaming, and more.

Review: Blogging apps for iPhone

Bloggers with either an iPhone or iPod touch have several tools that allow them to post entries or photos when they’re on the go. But which tool is right for you? Scott McNulty evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of iBlogger, TypePad, and WordPress.

Mac Security: Antivirus

With no known Mac viruses in the wild, do you really need an antivirus app? Scott McNulty takes a look.

So many SMS messages, so little time to delete them

Apple introduced the ability to delete multiple email messages in iPhone 2.0, but what about SMS messages?

Review: iTunes 8

iTunes 8 isn’t a revolution in media players, but its new features make an already capable application even more indispensable

OpenClip aims to bring copy and paste to iPhone

OpenClip is an open source project that aims to bring copy and paste functionality to the iPhone.

Make your iPhone's camera go zoom

This gadget adds a zoom lens to your iPhone's built-in camera, for those far-off difficult-to-see subjects.

Phone Saber app struck down, may become more powerful

The iPhone application Phone Saber has been removed from the App Store due to a license dispute.

Review: ClamXav 1.1

ClamXav 1.1 is an able antivirus program that will keep your Mac protected, though it doesn’t offer all the features that more-expensive programs do. But the price is hard to beat.

Review: VirusBarrier X5

If you're in the market for a fast-working antivirus program, VirusBarrier X5 10.5.2 is the gold standard. It will protect your Mac without making your other work grind to a halt.

Review: Norton AntiVirus 11

Norton AntiVirus (NAV) is the 800-pound gorilla of antivirus software, on both the Mac and the PC, and NAV 11 proves that reputation is well deserved.