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Ten exciting system changes in Mountain Lion

There are a bunch of interesting changes to look forward to when Mountain Lion roars onto the scene this summer. But for those uninterested in flashy features, there are plenty of minor changes, as well. Here's a quick look at ten that caught my eye.

Mountain Lion: Hands on with Safari

Though Safari didn't receive as huge an overhaul in Mountain Lion as other OS X apps have, it still got some love from the folks in Cupertino. Here are a few brief impressions of Safari's new features.

Five exciting app changes in Mountain Lion

Though Mountain Lion snuck onto the scene just this morning, I've already discovered a few delightful details about the apps in Apple's upcoming OS update for the Mac, thanks to editorial director Jason Snell's hands on with the software. Here are five app changes I can't wait to see come to my Mac this summer.

Mountain Lion: Hands on with Contacts and Calendar

Many Mac users will welcome the updated versions of iCal and Address Book--renamed Calendar and Contacts, respectively--offered in Mountain Lion. While they don’t fix all issues present in their Lion counterparts, each offers a number of significant improvements. Here’s a quick look.

Remains of the Day: Love is everywhere

Yes, love is in the air: A Brooklyn-based architectural magazine is dedicating all its love to Apple this month, Siri is learning how to say love in a new language, and the Mac Pro might finally see some love from Apple real soon. The remainders for Tuesday, February 14, 2012 would like to wish you all a lovely day.

Share links from Mac to iOS using Safari Reading List

Browsing a Flash-based website on your iOS device, and want to send it to your Mac? Macworld staff editor Serenity Caldwell provides a primer on using Safari's Reading List to swap links between your Mac and your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Tapbots releases Tweetbot for iPad, updates iPhone app

On Wednesday, Tapbots expanded its Twitter client Tweetbot's reach by bringing it to the iPad, and updating Tweetbot for iPhone to version 2.0 at the same time.

Bookle brings ePub reading to the Mac

While reading ebooks on your iOS devices is fairly pleasant, thanks to Apple's iBooks app, the company has yet to release any such program for the Mac. To fill this void, Tidbits Publishing and Stairways Software have collaborated to create Bookle, a DRM-free ePub reader.

iBooks Author fashions multimedia books for the iPad

If you plan to create a book solely for the iBookstore, and you’re not concerned about other ebook platforms, iBooks Author stands above any other option currently available.

7toX for Final Cut Pro converts legacy FCP projects

When Final Cut Pro X was first released, there were many gripes and grumbles about the application, but none so prominent as the lack of support for projects created in earlier versions of Final Cut Pro. The new 7toX converter by Intelligent Assistance, released Tuesday, changes all that.

Final Cut Pro X gets a new angle--64 of them, in fact

Multicam editing comes to Final Cut Pro X.

Mac 911 Live

Host Serenity Caldwell presides over a session featuring Christopher Breen and Ted Landau answering your Mac and iOS troubleshooting questions.

Holding out for an ePub hero

The ePub format has been available for almost five years, and yet our tools to build these books are as primitive as early 1990s HTML. iBooks Author is a start, but Macworld staff editor Serenity Caldwell is looking for something more.

Klasden Neumann Shoulder Bag is a solid all-around laptop bag

SGP's Klasden Neumann shoulder bag is minimally designed, with a faux-fur sleeve for your laptop and several recessed, zippered pockets. While it may not work for all users, it's a nice offering for students, tech workers, and those who need a good all-around bag.

Just Mobile's AluPen Pro stylus is a beauty for businesses

Just Mobile's AluPen Pro is a revamp of the company's original AluPen stylus, adding 2-in-1 functionality in a slimmer package, while keeping the great design ethic.