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Serenity has been writing and talking and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. In her spare time, she sketches, writes, acts, sings, and wears an assortment of hats.

Get started with your new iPad

Congratulations, you've just gotten a new iPad. Let Macworld help you set it up, transfer data from your old device, and get you on your way.

Buying Guide: Top iPad and iPhone styluses

Looking for a stylus to go with your new iPad? Macworld staff editor Serenity Caldwell selects her favorite ones for writing, sketching, painting, and hybrid use.

Quicken 2007 and Lion will play nice for $15

If you've been waiting to make the jump to OS X Lion or Mountain Lion because of incompatible finance software, Thursday may be your lucky day: Intuit has released a new, Intel-compatible version of Quicken 2007.

Behind the scenes with iMovie trailers

Along with the many updates delivered Wednesday to Apple's cache of iOS apps, iMovie received several new features, including one borrowed from iMovie '11 for the Mac: movie trailers. Staff editor Serenity Caldwell goes hands on with the software.

Does Apple still need to set a cellular data limit for over-the-air downloads?

Apple's limit on cellular downloads increased again on Wednesday, from 20MB to 50MB. But with Apple's focus increasingly on an untethered, cloud-driven product line, does it make sense to set a hard cap for data?

Apple updates iMovie, GarageBand, iWork for iOS

An Apple event wouldn't be much fun without some software updates, and the company had them in spades on Wednesday: It showed off new features for GarageBand, iMovie, and the iWork productivity suite, all of which complement the newly-announced iPad.

New iPad will sport Retina display, one million pixels more than HDTV

Announced Wednesday, Apple's new iPad impresses in many ways. But perhaps most impressive of all: the device's new Retina display. "For the first time, an iPad has a higher resolution than even the display behind me," said Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller, who was brought on stage to introduce the device.

Apple's next iPad won't be pressure-sensitive, but your next stylus might be

While the past few years' crop of iPad styluses have done much to alleviate irks with straight sketching, Macworld staff editor Serenity Caldwell still yearns for pressure sensitivity. Apple won't add it to the next iPad for a slew of reasons. But what about third-party styluses?

Remains of the Day: Method to the madness

The Smart Cover might get an improvement in the future, AT&T has always had the right to limit your data (or so they say), and criminals have a bad day. The remainders for Monday, March 5, 2012 are too trusting.

iFaraday fabric styluses for iOS devices are simple but sturdy

iFaraday's inexpensive line of styluses may not be the flashiest or best touchscreen pens on the market, but they get the job done. Staff editor Serenity Caldwell takes a look at the iFaraday Stylus, Artist Stylus, and RXII.

Bookle makes your Mac an e-reader

Bookle is a simple and easy way to read ePubs on your Mac, though it currently lacks more-advanced features such as search and annotations.

Wacom's new Intuos5 graphics tablet is all about touch

They say an old dog can't learn new tricks—but don't tell that to Wacom. The company's newest revision of its Intuos line has not only been resdesigned; it now offers full support for multitouch gestures.

Jot Mini stylus looks good, but fails to impress

Adonit has taken a shrink ray and a steel cutter to its popular Jot stylus to produce the more diminutive Jot Mini, the company's newest offering. But though the Jot Mini is a beautifully constructed offering from Adonit, it left me wanting more in the useability department.

Sandbox deadline delayed yet again to June 1

Apple told Mac developers Tuesday that it would be extending the sandboxing deadline for all App Store apps yet again, this time to June 1. Additionally, Apple has confirmed that apps may remain on the App Store without sandboxing after this deadline, but developers may only submit bug fix updates for them. Macworld spoke with several app developers about their thoughts on the extension.

Ten exciting system changes in Mountain Lion

There are a bunch of interesting changes to look forward to when Mountain Lion roars onto the scene this summer. But for those uninterested in flashy features, there are plenty of minor changes, as well. Here's a quick look at ten that caught my eye.