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New Verizon Droid ad aims at iPhone

Verizon's new Droid phone, and its ad campaign, take on the iPhone head-on. Sort of.

The first smart phone is dead

Seth Weintraub notes the passing -- or was it a murder? -- of the T-Mobile Sidekick, the first smart phone.

Pushing iPhone to the EDGE a smart move by Apple

One of the biggest slams against Apple's iPhone when it was released last summer was its reliance on AT&T's aging EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) network.

Computerworld: Leopard hits and misses

Computerworld looks at what Apple got right and wrong with OS X 10.5.

10 things that should be in Apple's next Mac Pro

Rumors that Apple is switching the Mac Pro to a new Intel chip design has Seth Weintraub thinking about the other things he'd like to see Apple do to its pro desktop hardware line.

Opinion: iPod touch is a business tool, too

Computerworld's Seth Weintraub argues that the iPod touch has enough practical features to make it the perfect tool for business users.

For Apple, what a difference a decade makes

It's been a decade since Steve Jobs' takeover of the company he founded -- and what a decade it's been, both for Apple and Microsoft.

What IT staff can do if the CEO gets an iPhone

Computerworld's Seth Weintraub outlines a few easy steps that IT staffers can take to make the iPhone fit into their operation.

Opinion: Analysts miss the point on the iPhone

No matter how hard IT administrators try, enterprise employees are going to snap up the iPhone when it ships next week. And for good reason, Computerworld's Seth Weintraub writes.

Opinion: Mac Enterprise backup options are looking up

IT managers and system administrators in enterprise environments have a new crop of applications to look to when it comes to managing Mac and Mac OS X Server backups and archives.

Opinion: Apple consumer Macs are enterprise-worthy

The iMac and MacBook are ready to move into the enterprise, global IT management consultant Seth Weintraub argues, if IT decision-makers can get over their prejudice against equipment that's traditionally been aimed at consumers.