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Facebook has Whopper of a problem with Burger King campaign

Burger King offered free Whoppers to Facebook users who would dump 10 online friends, much to the dismay of Facebook.

Google teams with Norad to track Santa on Christmas Eve

Want to follow Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve? Fire up Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google gives old magazines new life online

Google is adding old magazines to its list of digitized content available on the Web.

Nvidia gets graphics win with Apple’s new MacBooks

Striking a blow at chip rivals Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) and Intel Corp , Nvidia unveiled its latest graphics chip...

Intel shows off solid-state drive road map

At its developers forum, Intel outlined the roadmap for its upcoming line of solid-state drives aimed at replacing hard drives in some computers.

Intel boosts Atom production to avoid supply squeeze

Early demand for an Intel chip designed for small laptops and desktops is so much higher than anticipated, the company has been forced to ramp up pre-release production.

IBM researchers testing workplace use of Macs

IBM Thursday disclosed that 100 of its researchers are giving Apple Macintosh computers a go to find out whether they are a strong option for use in the workplace.

Man sentenced to 110 years for hacking, extortion

A North Carolina man last week was sentenced to 110 years in prison after admitting that he and a co-conspirator hacked into computers used by young girls and used illicitly gained data to blackmail them.

Intel's 45nm Penryn desktop to pack a big wallop

Intel’s new 45-nanometer chip for the desktop, part of the newly released Penryn family, should give gamers, researchers and serious multitaskers a significant performance boost, according to analysts.