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Q&A: Facebook users aren't outraged over privacy issues

Facebook executive Ethan Beard defends the firm's privacy policies in an interview with Computerworld.

Facebook seeks to meet with Schumer on privacy issues

Sen. Charles Schumer today continued his call for Facebook to better protect user privacy, but has yet to respond to the social networking firm's request for a meeting.

HP takes on Apple's iPad with Slate tablet

Hewlett-Packard this week released significant data about its upcoming HP slate tablet, apparently looking to take advantage of the hype surrounding the iPad launch.

Google's about-face; now it says China blocked its sites

The Chinese government apparently slowed access to Google Web sites earlier this week, as the search giant backed off earlier statements that access to the site was blocked by changes Google made to the engine's search parameters.

Google's own glitch causes blockage in China

While speculation has been running rampant online that the Chinese government was beginning to block Google, it seems the company caused its own blockage.

Report: Google eyes departure from China on April 10

A report in the China Business News says that Google will announce on Monday that it plans to pull its business out of China on April 10.

Reports: Google may soon leave China

Google is likely to close its Chinese operations soon as its negotiations with the Chinese government are apparently breaking down.

Google opens marketplace for cloud apps

In another move to work its way into the enterprise, Google has unveiled an online store where users can buy cloud-based applications designed to work with Google's own apps.