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Five unexpected uses for the Tab key

What can you do with the Tab key? Zoom around the Finder and your favorite apps, among other useful tricks. Sharon Zardetto shows you how.

Five unexpected uses for Copy and Paste

Did you know you can copy and paste a whole lot more than just text and graphics? When you start in the Finder, you can use the Copy command to lift all sorts of information from a selected Finder item. Here are some of Sharon Zardetto's favorite tricks.

Six unexpected uses for the Application Switcher

From hiding and quitting applications to transferring information between documents, the Application Switcher can help you throughout the day.

Five unexpected uses for the spacebar

In the quest for greater productivity, Mac users have an unlikely ally—the spacebar. Here are five things you didn't know the spacebar could help you do.

Five unexpected uses for help tags

Sharon Zardetto shows how you can use help tags (formerly known as tooltips) to find the full name or path of a file in the Finder, get a quick summary of a help topic, learn all about a font, and more.

Five unexpected uses for the Option key

The unsung hero of the keyboard, the Option key can reveal alternative commands and unlock all sorts of hidden features. Here are five of Sharon Zardetto's favorite Option key tricks.

Five unexpected uses for the Esc key

The Esc key has long been the “get me outta here” panacea for many things: canceling a dialog box, getting rid of a button-less splash screen, you name it. Here’s a handful of less-than-obvious solutions the Esc key provides.