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Develop your Finder search savvy

Do you know the difference between Command-F and Command-Shift-F? How you start a Finder search affects what options you see. Learn the differences, and start your searches off on the right foot every time.

Seven more Dictionary tips

Dan Frakes' recent article, Five Dictionary tricks, covered how to use the Dictionary without launching it. But working inside this application offers unique advantages too. These tips will show you how to do even more with this OS X tool.

Eleven ways to get back to a Web page

It’s easy to get back to a Web page that you’ve bookmarked—but what about the ones you breeze through without saving and then later wish you had? Safari 4 can help you find them again.

Eight ways to save time with proxy icons

The tiny icon that sits next to a window’s name in its title bar is more than just a decoration. This icon—known as the proxy icon—offers numerous shortcuts for working with files, folders, and documents. Here are some of Sharon Zardetto's favorite time-saving tricks.

Five secrets of Open and Save dialog boxes

You use the Open and Save dialog boxes every day, but do you really know how to use them efficiently? Sharon Zardetto shares some of her favorite tips.

Printing font samples from Font Book

There are many ways you can preview your fonts in Leopard or Snow Leopard. But sometimes nothing beats printed versions of fonts so you can peruse your fonts the way most people will see them: on paper. In this excerpt from Take Control of Fonts in Leopard, Sharon Zardetto walks you through printing font samples from OS X's Font Book.

Ten quick Calculator tricks

You may have used Apple's Calculator to calculate a quick sum, but did you know it's got a lot more tricks up its sleeve? From converting units of measurement to taking advantage of the paper tape, Sharon Zardetto shares ten of her favorites.