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Stephanie Kent is a former Macworld intern who lives and writes in New York City, where she works for TED.

WaterField Designs HardCase Review: A bag with split personalities

Is it a professional briefcase? A bike-friendly messenger? Both? (Hint: It's both).


Happy Owl's MacBook Air briefcase is slim, sturdy, and stylish

A true unisex bag is difficult to find, and even rarer is a unisex bag that's attractive and well made. Happy Owl Studio's Briefcase for MacBook Air meets all those criteria.

Caro All Day Laptop Bag is spacious but bulky

The Caro offers a multitude of compartments, but it gets bulky before it's half full. Add an awkward handle length and questionable construction, and while the Caro seems appealing on first glance, it needs a tune-up before we can recommend it.

Wet Coast Backpack offers waterproof laptop protection

Though it would be nice if the Wet Coast Backpack were offered in a color other than generic black, this is a truly functional bag that keeps your gear dry.

Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag

Rickshaw's Zero Messenger is comfortable and fashionable, and it keeps your laptop secure inside. As a bonus, it's made locally from quality, eco-friendly materials.

Brooklyn Industries City Bag Medium

For a stylish, efficient messenger bag to cart around urban areas, Brooklyn Industry's City Bag Medium gives quite the bang for your buck.

Iomega SuperHero Backup and Charger

Iomega’s SuperHero Backup and Charger for iPhone is a charging dock for the iPhone and iPod touch that can also back up your device's contacts and photos to an SD memory card.

Harajuku Lovers 70s Girls 15" Laptop Case

The 70s Girls Laptop Case won't let you bring a lot of items along for a day, but it's great for running out for a quick meeting or to do some work at the coffee shop. You'll want to check out the adventurous prints before buying, but the $68 price tag is a bargain for a bold, comfortable tote that keeps your laptop snugly in place.

American Apparel Vinyl Laptop Bag

The idea of a laptop bag that doesn’t look like one is good, but American Apparel’s laptop tote doesn’t provide nearly enough protection, comfort, or laptop-focused design to warrant a purchase.

Pentax releases fashion-forward Optio RS1500 camera

Pentax releases a customizable point-and-shoot camera that offers several means of creating a personalized look, backed up with some solid specs.

Cannibal Bunnies for iPad

The time management puzzler requires both a strategic mind and fast fingers. Despite a minor control issue, the challenging game’s high replay value makes for a fun app that you won’t be able to put down.

Video: Hot products from the Game Developers Conference 2011

Macworld Staff Editor Serenity Caldwell and Editorial Intern Stephanie Kent dropped by the Game Developers Conference at San Francisco's Moscone Center to see the hot products on the show floor. While there were many cool games and technologies, three gadgets stood out from the rest.

Egg Vs. Chicken for iPhone

The game utilizes fun cartoonish graphics and a unique combination of match-three and tower-defense gameplay to create an addictive gaming experience that manages to stand out from the countless other games that hit the App Store each month.

iOS publisher Bulky Pix to release 40 games in 2011

Bulky Pix is making good on their ambitious plan to release forty iPad and iPhone games in 2011. These new titles will double their current library of games for iOS devices. The Paris and San Francisco-based publisher is responsible for developing about a third of these new releases, while the remaining projects are being developed by outside studios.