Stephanie KentMacworld

Stephanie Kent is a former Macworld intern who lives and writes in New York City, where she works for TED.

Blaze: Fire Puzzle for iPhone

In Blaze: Fire Puzzle, soothing graphics and sounds are fused with a clever, yet simple game to create an app you'll keep returning to.

River of News for iPad

This appealing app does a good job of syncing your Google Reader account to your iPad, letting you catch up on your RSS feeds in a simple, streamlined way.

Katy Perry Revenge for iPhone

Latest Tapulous game hosts Katy Perry photos that are a literal "Teenage Dream."

Nine great cameras for beginner photographers

Whether you're totally new to photography or an experienced point-and-shooter considering making the jump to a DSLR, there's a perfect camera to get you started.

Modern Conflict for iPhone

While the war-themed components of Modern Conflict (tanks, music, the "mission" given out before each level) play some role in the game, ultimately, the aim is simple: to acquire control of all the enemy bases.

Aqueduct for iPhone

Aqueduct has all the ingredients necessary to make an addictive game. It’s relatively simple, the goal is easily defined, and each level is trickier than the last.