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Stephen Lawson covers mobile, storage and networking technologies for the IDG News Service.

Microsoft-Yahoo deal may hurt competition, Google exec says

The head of Google's search group said the search deal between Microsoft and Yahoo looked likely to be negative for competition and consumers.

Wi-Fi group's basic test won't change with final 11n

The Wi-Fi Alliance will not change the basic requirements of its IEEE 802.11n certification process when the standard is finished later this year.

Clearwire WiMax driver for Mac due next month

Clearwire next month will finally introduce client software for linking Mac laptops directly to its WiMax service.

Insurer will pay for damaged iPhones

Insurance company Safeware is now offering insurance for the iPhone.

Comcast, Time Warner push for more online video

Comcast and Time Warner are teaming up on an initiative to make more video programming available online, free of charge, for subscribers to pay TV services.

Yahoo adds tools to bolster search results

Yahoo is adding two features to its SearchMonkey development platform to help site owners enrich the results their pages generate on Yahoo Search.

FCC: DTV transition sparked calls but no major outages

The U.S. switch from analog to digital television broadcasts on Friday caused no "widespread" disruptions of over-the-air service, the Federal Communications Commission said.

AT&T wants Kindle rival, new data plans

AT&T needs more wireless data pricing plans, including per-session and per-day pricing, according to the head of the carrier's new-devices business.

Amazon S3 lets customers ship big data

Amazon now lets customers ship drives full of data and pay to have them loaded on the S3 cloud storage system.

iPass aims for mobile cloud service platform

iPass introduced an iPhone client and plans someday to offer a platform for third-party applications.

CTIA backs universal cell-phone charger

CTIA, the main industry association for U.S. mobile operators, has put its weight behind an initiative calling for a universal cell-phone charger.

Alaska Airlines flies ahead with in-flight Wi-Fi

Alaska Airlines will deploy in-flight Wi-Fi systems on more planes and test prices after what it called a successful trial run.

iPhone Skype may be tip of the iceberg for carriers

Mobile operators are pondering VoIP's dangers and opportunities as they move toward all-IP networks.

Withdrawing from the addictive iPhone

IDG News Service's Stephen Lawson was using his iPhone constantly. So he decided to give it a rest.

RIM, others face uphill rivalry with App Store

If RIM opens its App World this week as rumored, it will face challenges matching the popularity of Apple's App Store.