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Amazon modifies Kindle text-to-speech feature will let copyright holders opt out of having their books read aloud on the company's Kindle 2 book reader.

Alaska becomes latest airline with Wi-Fi

Alaska Airlines has begun a trial of in-flight Wi-Fi.

Proposed law might make Wi-Fi users help cops

A proposed U.S. law would require ISPs and possibly Wi-Fi router owners to store information about every user on their networks for two years.

Microsoft plans stores, hires Dreamworks exec

Microsoft plans to open its own retail stores to "transform the PC and Microsoft buying experience."

U.S. group calls for cell-driving bans nationwide

The nonprofit National Safety Council on Monday called on all U.S. states to ban the use of cell phones while driving.

U.S. holiday online sales fell 3 percent

ComScore said U.S. online spending during this year's holiday season fell 3 percent, the first year-over-year drop since it began tracking e-commerce in 2001.

Jobs health rumor hits Apple stock

Apple’s stock fell, then rebounded, after a Gizmodo report that CEO Steve Jobs bowed out of next week’s Macworld Expo keynote because of declining health.

FCC will rework cell-tower rule

The FCC plans to revise a rule mandating backup power for cellular networks.

AT&T hopes for single smart phone OS

AT&T is eying Symbian as a possible single OS for its future smart phones.

Virgin's in-flight Wi-Fi coming Monday

Virgin America’s in-flight Wi-Fi service will launch on Monday for a beta test that is intended to last just one week before a planned commercial launch Dec. 1.

AT&T testing DSL bandwidth caps

AT&T is capping the monthly bandwidth use of new DSL users in Reno, Nevada, to try out a system for reining in heavy network users.

Low-income users latch on to iPhone

Lower-income U.S. consumers are flocking to Apple’s iPhone, according to research company ComScore Mobile.

Android users favoring apps over games

Applications are leading games in downloads from Google's Android Market.

Analysis: As Android approaches, carriers embrace change

The success of the iPhone and the emergence of new players (like the forthcoming Android phones) has motivated mobile carriers to give some ground when it comes to creating and selling mobile applications.

HP announces 24,600 layoffs in wake of EDS acquisition

Hewlett-Packard will lay off about 24,600 employees over the next three years in an effort to streamline the company following...